Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ok so I've jumped aboard, but I want to warn everyone...I cannot guarantee continuity...if it's not in my face I forget about it... One of my least endearing traits. Sucks for Sure!

I figured it might be cool to write my thoughts out on the be "published" and read at random over the years. Could be a good journaling tool.

Well there the first words are off to bed!

Best thing to happen today: A big ole kiss from my dd - out of the blue! gotta love your kids

Worst thing - I dunno it's a toss up - either the taste of perfume after biting my finger nails - what is up with that? Or pop spewing out of my nose when I took a drink and it "went down the wrong hole" I'm quite sure it was very appealing to watch - by the look on Wes' face. Not a shining moment for sure! (that fizz hurtS!)


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