Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ok Where to begin?

First off - I'm excited and nervous and not excited!! (all for very different and very important reasons)

Drumm roll please......

1) I'm going to Manila, Phillipines in January (nervous, little excited) for FIVE WEEKS (not excited about this--my poor husband and kids--I wish they could come with me!)

2) I was offered a position today! (yes the position I applied for a few weeks ago!) Well how does that affect #1 - well they advised that "they would wait - cause they wanted me". So I'm sure there were some closed door discussions about this and I was offered the position to begin Mar 1 - (the other person that also got the position was offered as of January 1). So this is AWESOME! But makes me NERVOUS and also the transition period makes me sad - - I have to go to Vancouver --probably from Mar - June - not too bad... But that means that the others all have a "head start" on me - I don't like the thoughts of that...hehehe - you know I'm a high

I'm so stinkin' busy at work I feel like I'm going crazy - and DH is getting "pissed" that I'm not home enough and keeps mentionning those 28 yards of fabric so I better get going!!

Well got to go now and think about what I'll wear for 5 weeks in warmth!!


Nicks Yacks said...

Woohoooooo, the HAPPY DANCE for YOU!! So many changes to ring in 2007! But all good changes! You will still blog over there right! Can't get the 2P's song out of my head now! Phillipeno, Phillipeno, Phillipeno!

Oh we all know about the over achevier (God I can't spell!) you are! Just hope you can fit in a weekend of scrapping cause we couldn't set up the paper without you nobody else could do it as good as you!

Mad&Soapy said...

Yay for Yoo Soo!!! LOL I love to rhyme! Congrats on the job! Score on the 5 weeks away too!! Hell, I'd go to minto for 5 weeks if I could do it wihtout the wife and kids!! LOL Way to go:)

taycreekcropper said...

Congrats Sue, you deserve it, unfortunately for us it means we won't see you either, your going to be busy, busy, busy so when you do have time for us you'll have to warn us and we'll all hook up and catch up.

Princess Spy said...

Congrats on the new job!!

Manila sound fun, exciting and scary all at the same time.

prittykitty said...

Ok, I know you are extremely busy at the moment wiht work and prepping for the trip, BUT it's time to update the blog!

Nicks Yacks said...

Sue - You Up? Had Krista dropped me off at Moms. Have another part to the quilt saga with Momma! LOL