Tuesday, January 16, 2007

City Tour part 1

Good Morning all! Hope all is well in New Brunswick!

Congrats to KimMartha on her “official” status of Teacher! And to think my girl was graced with your presence – be sure and hug her – I’m sure she needs it (the girl not KM! – oh well hug KM too)

So I want to apologize for the delay – we have issues with the internet sometimes – and work appears to be interfering with my social life as well – ugh! I find it difficult on the weekends because we are working nights and therefore always feel sleep deprived on the weekends :<(
Not to mention when my dh wants to chat on AIM or MSN…

So back to my adventures. I took something like 147 pics over the weekend so this post will probably have lots of parts! (that doesn’t include the mall and the market – that was after those).

First and foremost – a McRice Chicken Burger – it actually wasn’t too bad—the rice is as “moist and sticky together as it appears)

So we went on a city tour and on the way we got to go through the very rich neighborhood – including seeing the gate and fence outside the Sultan of Brunei’s home – that he keeps for playing Polo--- the first stop was a WWII memorial. It was really amazing and really cool that I have been to Pearl Harbour and now here.
I’m going to post some pics – all of the memorial. Note the pictures on the walls (map and Mary) are all made from MOSAIC stones…how cool is that. The American Flag (pic taken and posted for Mel) was at half-staff for former president Gerald Ford’s death.

Well that’s all for now….I will post again tomorrow! (by the way -- we did see some "real" phillipino country so it's not all "americanized" or "canadianized" !


taycreekcropper said...

The trees look like oversize Bonsai trees....

That is really amazing Sue and looks breathtaking. I love the pictures, your doing a great job. Love that USA flag...LOL

Kimmartha said...

The memorial pics gave me goosebumps. You are a really good photographer - you really capture the detail and emotion in your pics.

Dee said...

Keep it coming Sue - I love reading your blog and I agree with Kim those pics are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures, it looks beautiful there!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

thanks!I appreciate the comments - Just think of HOW much better they would be with a CANON REBEL?! omg! I bet you would smell that burger!!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

These pics are amazing!!! I'm with KM that the scripture on the Memorial gave me goosebumps too.

Hmmm, a rice chicken burger - interesting :)

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos :)