Sunday, January 07, 2007

Food in Manila so far.....

Well another day spent browsing the mall – Travis was ill today so didn’t make it out with me…I am forbidden to explore outside the hotel and mall on my own….

The answer to the burning question, the purse – was like under $2.00 about $1.65 Cdn– that is my deal of the day!!

First the reason I’m still up – it is 4 am as I type this I need to get on schedule for working nights – so basically going forward I will be up when you are up and sleep when you sleep! (Oh lucky me!) (btw I usually type in word so that I can save often and then copy paste into blog – internet is unstable over here due to the earthquake in Taiwan a couple weeks ago)

Next..I’ve been asked a few times what I’ve eaten….so I thought today would be an appropriate day to fill you in.

First – I’m a chicken – I can’t really eat a whole lot of native food – due to the possibility of getting sick – I’ve already told you all about breakfast – the buffet is every day so that is what I eat for breakfast (included in the hotel). The other meals we are on our own.

So I’m going to bore you a bit – but will go day by day what I have had so far…
Sat Lunch – TGIFridays – had Jack Daniels ribs – really good…with rice…rice is well sticky…pop with no ice….ice is very very bad..(well water is…and ice is made of water..go figure) (the chick at the restaurant kind of smirked when we said no ice in our soda – no alcoholic slushy drinks that I wanted to order….But at the end of our meal she brings two glasses of water – with ice in them –(without us asking) … I think she was thinking “stupid foreigners” – LOL Oh well….
Sat Supper we decide to go to Pizza Hut – I know what you are thinking – Susan YOU SUCK –going to a foreign country and not eating foreign……so we order a Cheesy Bacon Pizza….the pizza comes – has cheese – bacon – mushrooms(??) and that’s it….no tomato sauce??? … Now I'm not sure if all their pizzas were this way or not...we got really really poor service in this we wont' be doing that again. Note the pic of Travis with pizza!

So we walk around and as we are walking around I don’t feel well…AT all…I go back to my hotel room and need to sleep badly – and when I’m not sleeping I’m in the bathroom…without going into details – I’m glad I bought Immodium before I left!!

I felt better today! But I think it was the TGIFriday’s something funny there…Or maybe that weird pizza…

Today (I guess it’s yesterday now) I had buffet for breakfast and a late lunch I had McDonalds’ – if you know me well you know that I am not a huge fan of McDonalds—I go into order and order Chicken Nugget Combo – and decided to get rice instead of fries…(as an aside – I think it’s a combination of chop sticks AND rice – weight control that is)… and a bottle of water…The lady was beside herself because I couldn’t “replace” a soft drink for a bottle of water..I said fine…I’ll pay extra for the bottle of water and get Diet Coke (coca cola light) Well remember I’m not drinking ice?? So I say no ice, she’s ok with that…I get my pop, start sucking it back….then I get thinking..isn’t fountain pop just carbonated water with syrup???? Nice….so much for my avoidance of water!
The chicken Nuggets were Ok – but not that nice white meat like in Canada…did I mention how lucky I feel to live and be a Canadian?? I AM. I ate without looking. Rice…well was rice…. The weird thing is that I don’t think you could order JUST a sandwich…speaking of sandwiches I am going to try a McRice sandwich next time I’m in there…it’s two rice patties with meat in between (burger or chicken). OK so for the grand total – a 4 nugget meal – with rice, pop and an extra water bottle…guess how much?? 102.00 php – approximately $2.45 for dinner…
Check out that Rice ball!

McDonalds also has a “McCafe” in the mall –serving different coffees (lattes cappicinos (Sp?) etc etc I didn’t try it- my ongoing coffee problem will probably be a blog in itself).

Ok last thing I had – as you know I need to avoid Milk – but I see a Dippin Dots spot – they are “quick frozen ice cream” – by some astronaut or something…anyhow they were featured on Oprah and if you saw the show you would have saw Miss Oprah take some in her mouth and then was kind of “taken aback” cause they were so good and they were “blowing” around in her mouth – Well I have to say that I had that EXACT sensation – I know I just felt exactly like Miss Oprah Winfrey at that point in time. They feel funny in your mouth but are really good….I had about ¼ cup of them…cost 80 PHP – and that was a small – it cost almost as much as my dinner… if you have no clue what I’m talking about or want to know more check out

Last but not least Wes requested a picture of the money – here it is Wes....Pesos...and I think
some cents as well..I beleive it's Pesos and cents....

Talk to you all later – Wes and girls I love you to pieces! And miss you!! Don’t forget to eat your chocolate a day!! Love mom! xoxoxox


prittykitty said...

You're working nights? That's great! You don't have to worry too much about jet lag and adjusting.

SO I assume that buying food from a street vendor is out for you? You might get the best food(tasting that is) at a vendor rather than an American chain.

Nicks Yacks said...

Rob, swears that TGIF has the best ribs he has ate in his life!

The rice round from McDee's is hilarous in itself! I sure hope K&T can do a project on the Phillipines some day to use these great photos!

Dippin' Dots are the Cats Meow! Tori, loves them! They are so cool and neat to eat! I did a whole scrapbook page on Dippin Dots LOL!!

taycreekcropper said...

Sue - My hubby is big on having diff kinds of money, when you come back can I buy a bill and some coins from you? That would make a neat gift for him......

What your doing is so cool....hope your first day ROCKS - take care!

Wes said...

2.45 for dinner.... i love the sounds of that. lol


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....I don't know, a rice ball with a McDonald's combo???! I think I would have stuck with fries.

Mad&Soapy said...

Workin the night shift?? Crazy!! The food thing must be totally weird!! Have a good night - I gotta got rip some scissors out of Danny's hands - no joke:)
Have a great night Sue:)