Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Training Day one Update!

Well Good morning all!! Sorry for the delay in blogging. Getting back on home time is kind of difficult..and when you are under protest too…(see previous post) LOL

First day of work was interesting! We have 20 students – all very young…like I would say under 25 for all of them! Travis led the training yesterday so I didn’t have a whole lot of interaction – but did help out as much as possible. They are all super nice and I look forward to learning more about them.

They served us lunch yesterday. Rice…wow now THAT was a big surprise!! And veggies and beef (cubes of beef in a broth – really tasty) and last but DEFINETLY not least…Milk fish….a half of a milk fish….NO REALLY one half of a Milk Fish…I would say that the fisher man took the fish from the water, cut it evenly down the middle, they fried it….EYEBALL and all and they put it on my tray to eat. OMG I near died!! I tried to take a picture but my camera’s battery died on me! Maybe today if we get served the same thing! Now J would be proud--- I tried it..(no NOT the eyeball and half the skull– that stayed put!) but I tried the fish itself – which was done in vinegar and garlic and it was fine….fish you know….

Nothing really more exciting has happened in the past 24hrs. Unfortunately getting my sleep down pat is a bit difficult – so I’m messed up and feel like I’ve just slept, ate, and worked for the past 24…which funny enough is what I have done…I think tomorrow when the mall opens I’ll go to the mall..

Travis gave me a brochure about some day trips that the hotel offeres, they look really interesting – I think I will try to go on a couple – check out the link : www.greatsightsphils.com I haven’t checked it out yet so I’m not sure what is there. The brochure has some neat looking places. If there is one called Hidden valley tour..check out that one – I would LOVE to go on that one..but because I didn’t/am not taking anti-malaria drugs don’t think I should….boo hoo!!
The picture of the day is my Hotel – looking up…nothing major..however does it look to you like someone is jumping?

So think of me today....I’m sitting here with my cup of “coffeemated” coffee – eating my green apple – and go and get a nice Tim Horton's coffee...with nice pasteurized milk.....and anything BUT a green apple (note...I like apples...Green just happen to be my LEAST favorite! Oh well - I'm sure I have enough body fat to live on for a few weeks!!)

Thanks for all the comments! I love getting them! I know there are some ppl "lurking" go ahead, say HI - you dont have to have a blogger account...
BTW - if anyone sees mom and dad say HI!! (I think they are the only ppl I cannot talk to since they dont' have internet connection...well that makes me sad thinking of that...ok on to other things...)
Wes maybe you could "save" the web pages to the laptop and take them to them??

Love you all - have a great day!!

marthasue - reporting from Asia...


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"The real" MarthaSue said...

Not sure how 02793553 found me...but also cannot delete the above post. blogger wants me to enable cookies...don't think so...s
please don't visit the above link!!!


"The real" MarthaSue said...

hey all ..that website..i think is a scam...i cannot find anything there.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

the website I'm referring to is not the one posted by 02793553 - I know that one is a scam

I mean the greatsightsphils.com

taycreekcropper said...

My work addy blocked it....

I love the picture of the hotel, I sure hope he isn't going to jump - LOL

Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge has partol cars going back and forth to prevent jumpers, their average is like 100 ppl per day attempt to jump.....useless info- I know...it just made me think of it...

The fish, oh boy, when I was reading it my face was all screwed up and my tongue hung out in disgust - OMG so yucky....I couldn't do it, your better than I am, I don't like fish period...isn't dessert suppose to smothered in chocolate sauce?

prittykitty said...

Way to go Sue! Trying new things. Sniff, sniff. So proud. Vinegar and garlic, huh? Sounds like adobo. It's like the national dish. They do everything adobo, and I mean everything. All it is, is vinegar, soy, bay leaves, pepper, garlic, sometimes coconut milk and it's stewed. Supposed to make all meat and fish very tender.

Here's a page from the Tourism site that has a list of sites to see IN Manila: http://www.tourism.gov.ph/explore_phil/place_details.asp?content=thingstodo&province=80 .

Nicks Yacks said...

yummy, that marinade sounds good. I'm not a big fish eater either let alone it being on my plate with a big black eye staring at me ewwwww. I will eat deep friend fish tee hee.

That shot you got of the hotel is awesome!

Over & Out Martha Sue reporting from Asia LOL!!!!

Mad&Soapy said...

Hope you don't mind...I've been showing your pics to hubby - he's a little more tolerant of my blogging time when I'm reading about things as cools as yours;) HUGE gold star for the fish thing...I'm not much for fish either, unless its first name is "Captain" and it comes with a side of chips and "slaw"...I don't know how you managed to eat anything that could look you in the eye!! LOL Very cool shot of the Hotel;) Oh - When DH saw the pic of Travis with the "pizza" his eyes got huge!! He asked who you worked for and asked if you were married..I answered and he said..."OMG! They sent her there with HIM??!!" He was totally worried about you:) It was kindof sweet in a moronic kind of way! ;) Good luck with your sleep...as I sit here sipping my smoking hot Tims coffee with pasturized dairy product I will send it's steamy goodness your way via though:) Have a good one!!

Wes said...

your eating the type of food I would eat! Maybe we will like the same food by the time you come home LOL.
(probably not)
Anyway, I printed off all of the bogs that you did since you left and your mom and dad are going to come by and pick them up today

Love ya

LadyLipgloss said...

That comment 02793553 is just blog comment spam. Turn on Word Verification in your Comments section and you won't get those again.

The Princess's Sister, Jenn

Princess said...

I'm pretty sure the words chicken adobo are in the the BEPs song Phillipino.
Kudos to your for trying the fish. I've said I'll try anything once but I don't thing I would.
I'm loving your updates!
Okay, so have you discovered any odd cultural things? Like, giving someone the thumbs up sign means you want sex? (LOL..made that one up)

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan! I am one of the "LURKERS". Greg says I should make a blog. Maybe I will-SOMEDAY! I'm reading all of your updates. Have lots of fun and do try all the different things that you can while you are there! KEEP ME ENTERTAINED! Greg figures we are going to the discovery channel with your blog!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue/Linda Everything went well this a., the sent it away to the Lab, beccause it grew so quickly, but the Dr said it looked fine. Am taking tomorrow off to, until I don't have to sit on a sponge cushion anymore. then u will go back. still thing seveything in your city looks very clean! was there really someone on the side or is it my eyes. TTYL