Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the official countdown is on!!

Only 2 more sleeps until I start the long journey home!! I'm really excited but have a lot of stuff to do ahead of me (mainly packing - lol) it should make time FLY!!

I wanted to post a few more pics of corrigedor before I leave the Phillipines!

I cannot beleive that 5 weeks has passed - I have to say ---- your comments (and blogs) have really made the time fly! What would I have done with out you all?! I cannot imagine having come here and not had this avenue to preserve some of those memories! What did I do any other time I went away?? this has been a truly eye-opening trip for me - I have learned many things!

I want to THANK Travis for putting up with me ---- only 2 more days! I'm sure that I pretty near drove him crazy with my incessant chatting - hehehe!! I mean I had NO one to talk to all weekend so I had to get it in there somewhere! LOL
I hope you enjoy these pics....

this is a hole from a bomb:

A view of the south china sea

Where the heck am I??

T & K do you see the Jelly Fish?

This Tunnel was very cool.....as you can see its a tunnel in a mountain and has many arteries (see pic below). You can see one of the "halls" inside ---below as well...

Have a fantastic Wednesday!!


taycreekcropper said...

I'm so happy, happy, happy your coming home.....I hope we can all get together before you leave again....the countdown is on...

Oh and yes the blog has kept us all in the loop and now I know more about the Phillipines than I did before - thanks a million.

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

The Countdown is sooooo ON!!! Woohoo!

Your post have been the bestest!!!

Can't wait till you get the hours countdown :)