Friday, February 02, 2007

Pics for the weekend.....

Hi all,

I have been told ------well scolded--- that I hadn't blogged in a couple days and I'm sure they weren't so fond of my last "posts" - ok ok it wasn't Phillipino sorry!!

Forgot this blog is about the Phillipines and not me! (just kidding!!) (we all know it's all about me--or is it all about the paper??
(scrappers joke--LOL

Wes blog "touched" me today ---- I have to say I can only hope that when my girls get married ( you know in 20++ years) that they marry a guy like their dad - they will be super super lucky!!

So today I have some pics that didn't interest me last week but now create a "stir" within. So I thought I would share.

So First picture....carabou grazing on the land....not sure why this one strikes me but it there are you go!!

These different signs were all over the place at the villa --- I really liked these two....

I didn't feel like you all got the full effect of the waterfall dinner place so decided what the heck - I'll post this pic!.

Flowers! two of may fave pics! see you don't *need* a Canon Rebel...

(but if a newspaper pics me up cause I'm such a great journalist - it's definetly a requirement.)


Being a MOM I'm a sucker for kids. I love to see kids playing and having fun....just bouncing a ball along.

So this pic was taken on our way back from the Villa and when I got to the hotel it didn't appear that it was that good of a pic - but then today when I saw it I remember the "feelings" it envoked and said --- Hey they've got to see this.

So this little boy is playing basket ball ---look at the ground around -- I remember being a kid and not wanting to play in the gravel (basketball taht is) cause the ball didn't bounce "right" --this guy has dirt all around - other crap in his way and he's having a "ball" (no pun intended)

And you know the commerical on tv "Our Heritage" where the guys are playing "basket" ball with a basket and each time a score is made the guy has to climb up and get the ball out etc. and then they cut the hole out -----Well this little guy shoots a basket....the ball "catches in the hoop - it CAUGHT in the hoop - the ball wouldn't go through - so he grabs a stick and bounces the ball out...and keeps on going.....

We are so so lucky in Canada to have the things we do - we really really need to cherish those things (even if they are a bit excessive by times - hehehe). I have to say that of all of the people that I know of that read this blog - not one of them - can either not afford or rather "would not afford" for their kid to have a decent basketball hoop -- or even the ability for their neighborhood to have one - - or their child to at least have access to a decent one ----at a playground etc......... I will be honest and say that I have not been grateful for what I have in the past - this trip has really been an eye opener - especially looking at our Canadian (and American) culture - sometimes it's a bit embarrassing -- don't get me wrong - I'm proud to be a Canadian (actually I feel really bad that I don't have a t-shirt - hat (yeah like I'd wear a hat) or something that says I'M CANADIAN!! --Not because they "love" Canadians - (now they LOVE Americans - Mel would be proud) but because I am so proud to call Canada my home and so feel so lucky that my kids get to grow up Canadian - with all of the luxuries that that affords!

Ok that's enough rambling from me today - Not even sure that all of that makes sense....anyhow - i'll talk to you all again soon!!


Wes said...

Great job Sue, I can feel exactly what you mean through your pictures. ….. Starting tomorrow, the kids are cut off everything….lol. Just kidding … but seriously your doing a great job… I’m going to make sue the kid’s keep up with the blog.

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Wow, thought you forgot about us LOL.

Do you think maybe this work trip will of changed you forever? By making you appreciate the little things even more? I think it will, not all of us have the oppurtunity to leave this lush life. Do you think it will make your family stronger then it already was? I bet it will!

Maybe, you signed off this post thinking it didn't have a meaning. But reading it and knowing the great gal that wrote it; I think it was the most heartfelt, meaningful post I've read since you have been gone.

xoxox Nick

taycreekcropper said...

Aww Sue now you've got me thinking.....our time is the most precious thing we have and spending it with the ones we love keeps us in touch with those people. Material items aren't one bit good to us if we don't have our important people with us. Sue I can only imagine your ready to come home now.....its been fun but your ready for it to end huh? Hang in there and we'll see you very soon! Mel

Dee said...

Thank you Sue for opening my eyes through your blog over the past few weeks. We do take so much for granted and it is a good reality check sometimes to just sit back and think about how lucky we are. Your pictures are beautiful and I have so enjoyed reading your blog.