Monday, July 30, 2007

.....Happy Anniversary..........

On this date 13 years ago – I married the best guy in the whole world – not sure if I knew it at the time – but every day that I am married to him I am reminded just how lucky I am.

I have received so much more from him than I could ever EVER give to him.

He is my best friend – I can tell him anything – and I do mean anything – and he is there for me---sometimes telling me stuff I don’t want to hear…but need to….

He is my biggest fan – doesn’t matter what *anyone* says – HE thinks I can do anything at all.

He is a fantastic father – he loves our beautiful girls more than anything in the world.

He is an exceptional husband – enough proof in the fact that I went away for almost 5 months and he didn’t complain – just believed in me and stood behind me… He is amazing – and I appreciate all his hard work – I mean I can’t even complain about no days off – he really has had NO days off – no “play days” just for him….

I was telling a girl at work today –not only can I tell you all that I love my husband – it’s true – but also I am still “IN” love with my husband – He’s still the one that makes my heart flutter..

Now he does have a few faults (nobody’s that perfect) – he’s not as romantic as I would like – or as demonstrative – he does try – but it’s just not him – and maybe I expect too much – or in his words – “those Harlequin books aren’t “real” dear…” but usually on our anniversary he will do something that just touches my heart….today is no exception….

Today I received 13 red roses delivered to the office – with a note:

“13 Great Years, No Regrets” Love Wes

Thank you Wes – thanks for everything!


Kimmartha said...

Don't you just love being in love with your best friend? We celebrated 13 years in April and so far it has been another great one! 1994 must have been the right year - those lucky boys!!heehee!

Anonymous said...

awwwww that is so sweet, Happy Anniversary Sue!!!!!

Dee said...

Happy Anniversary Sue and Wes! You are one lucky girl Sue !

prittykitty said...

Awwwww .... you made me cry, damn it! Granted that's not hard to do lately. But still. Happy Anniversary! Hope you both had a wonderful day.

gypsybug said...

Hope you and your honey had a great day or more importantly great day and night!!

taycreekcropper said...

wow! that is great, that you can actually say that and be "in" love with him still, that is amazing.

The 13 roses and that note are so romantic, how nice and thoughtful of him.

and I hope you both have many, many, many, many more years to celebrate as well.

knorrartz said...

HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY! Just read this. Isn't it wonderful being in love with your BEST FRIEND!


CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

What a nice post. Congratulations on your 13 years to a wonderful couple. I didn't cry till the end about the roses that choked me up a little.

prittykitty said... goes the work on the house? Is it update time anytime soon?