Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RAK # 3 #4, #5, #6!!

**I wrote this yesterday and posted today**

Well we could say it’s a Tim’s kind of day! For anyone not in Canada – Tim Hortons is a coffee/donut shop that has really great coffee –(there is debate on that one – but I am addicted haha).

#3 -Today while getting my morning brew – I paid for some guys breakfast sandwich – leaving the change for the server.  (He didnt pose for a picture haha)

#4 -I placed a $5.00 Tim’s card in the ladies washroom at my work. Wonder who will pick it up? I hope that they have a fantastic day!!

#5 -I also ‘secretly’ gave a $5.00 Tim’s card to the most positive person at work. She’s a doll and deserves it wayyy much!!!

#6 - One last thing – I placed this poster in the lunch room at work – hoping no tags are left at the end of the day –

Poster found at this location:


I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Happy 40th – 37 days to me!!


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