Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two posts in one day :)

Just an update from one of my previous RAK's

The sheet from work was gone on Friday but this is what it looked like on Wednesday :)

Love that they took some and passed them out :)

RAK#9 - on Friday I took fudge to work to leave in the kitchen with this note.

It was really yummy - and folks were really pleased for a bit of sweet on their Friday at work!

The recipe for "Never Fail Fudge" can be found here.

I was told that my 'sharing' my recipe should be counted as an RAK but I'll see if I run out of ideas haha to count that - lol.

UPDATE on previous RAK's as well as the one above.

I gave a Tim's card to someone I know and wrote some lovely stuff on it - how the lady is awesome and how she brings a smile to all that know her etc.  I didnt sign it (trying to do these anonomously hehe).  Obviously anyone that reads my blog or my close friends know what I'm doing - I'm not sure why - I think it's because I want my insides to 'feel' it - versus having to feel outside praise - do you know what I mean? Anyhow I digress.  I didnt see/hear anything about this RAK that I gave and that was that.  Well on Friday one of my BFF's came to me and said I just HAVE to tell you.  "She" (RAK recipient) came to her and was teary-eyed and said - LOOK what someone gave to me? Look what they wrote? isnt that lovely? isnt that inspiring?  Noones ever said anything that nice to me.....
I LOVE that - I mean THAT is exactly what I wanted from these RAK's.

Then BFF went on to tell me how EVERY one was talking about the fudge and how nice that was that someone would do me that was a fairly small thing to do - feels sooo good to have that feedback :)

I have to tell you that yesterday that made it ALL worth while - love this!

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