Sunday, June 11, 2006

In light of the never ending rain...I thought I would comment on

5 things I am grateful for today....

1. My husband's use of the kitchen! Yummy Rice Krispy Squares, Peanut Butter Cookies, and of course supper - I couldn't say Baking - supper wasn't baked, RK Squares aren't baked.....I couldn't say "cooked" because...well you see where this is going.

2. My daughter's health - it's nice to see them running around playing - rain or shine

3. My pc - to broaden my mind - so I can learn new things

4. Hair Dye - so that when I'm feeling blue/old/ragged - i can dye my hair - and feel....Red

5. Red Hat Ladies - I saw a few yesterday and I am thankful for them - they give me hope - that some day everyone will truly not care what others think of them - some day I too will become a red hat lady - I'm not quite ready for it yet...but eventually that is my goal.

6. Ok so I couldn't stop at 5 - I'm grateful for my friends - I can always go and fit right in - have a few laughs and a really great time! Thanks Friends~!

See so many things to be grateful for when we are "mope-ing" around cause the rain won't end! I'm tired of hearing everyone complaining about it! We have no control over it...NONE we cannot change it - we need to go with the Flow.......rain or no rain!


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