Friday, July 21, 2006

THIS is why I don't advertise my blog to the world!

Holy crap! Over a month since my last post! all that expectation...all the promises...down the toilet...i suck

ok over that.

WOW vacation! I am so happy!

It's freakin' Friday(happens to be first day of vacation due to 4 day work week - I could work 5 days 12pm to 8pm or 4 days 10-6 - with Friday off...UMMMMM....yeah that's what I say!)

Anyhow it's raining after 3 weeks of GLORIOUS sunshine - heat and wonderful weather. My oldest girl (Tara) is at camp, coming home today! YAY! and Kailie is here with me! YAY!
I have the expectation from my DH to make supper....but I'm still a happy camper.

Sleeping in - doing alot of nothing - well not nothing...nothing "work-y" - I often (as women do) try to fill all my time with "worthy" chores...if you aren't doing something for someone - then you aren't doing.

i want to spend time doing stuff I want to do with my girls.....not running around town for Wes (Hi Wes - you know how i feel about that)...not cleaning the house...not doing laundry....

Five things I need to do on my vacation:

Finish 2 quilts for the babies
Finish the curtains
Finish the book for Holly
Finish Kailies curtains
Finish Kailies Room
Start & Finish the book for Alyssa
Start & Finish the book for Emma
Finish the plan for the upstairs lvgrm
Finish the plan for the family room
Finish the plan for the Kitchen

So do you see a trend here? I have too many unfinished items...why? I'm not sure...instead of getting to work and finishing those I think that i will procrastinate and find out why I don't finish things......LOL ok it's a funny.

Well that's all for today.


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prittykitty said...

I have faith in you Sue! You can get it done!