Monday, August 14, 2006

Hehem...well July 21 eH?

A whole lotta stuff has happened since then....

Vacation list...the five things...I guess i cannot count cause - guess what? there were more than 5 things on the list... but I have accomplished.....

Finish 2 quilts for the babies
Finish the curtains
Finish the book for Holly
Finish Kailies curtains
Finish Kailies Room
Start & Finish the book for Alyssa
Start & Finish the book for Emma - done
Finish the plan for the upstairs lvgrm - done
Finish the plan for the family room
Finish the plan for the Kitchen - done

so 3 out of 10 ain't bad....LOL

Actually my damned sewing machine broke and so therefore 3 of the remaining 7 couldn't get done.

I also kind of ran out of time...remembering now that I had a wedding to attend - oops I mean Help with...

Now that was fun! I just loved "serving" dessert to the bride's family....NOT....

I have learned a few life altering things these past few weeks........

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