Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday ..... again....

Wow! It's been a week with my new cast and already I have hit *rock bottom* and am on my way back up!

It truly sucks however I have to think how lucky I am to be getting this off in 5 weeks time!

I cannot imagine having a permanent disability! OMG!

I cannot stand the continuous need for help - Need something to eat? Gotta get someone to help you - unless you enjoy holding your sandwich in your mouth while bouncing!

Oh well - it was time to slow down - and do I mean slow down...I haven't watched TV so much ever...I've learned alot about myself...

one-I don't really ever sit and watch an entire TV show without getting up
two-I don't ever sit and watch a movie for the entire time without getting up
three-I am a sit down scrapper - (hehehe this fact is coming in very handy when I can hop to the room!)
four-I need more scrapbook supplies -- ok so maybe not - but now I have all this time and no "great" inspiriation!
five-serious stuff- Feeling humility is not such a bad thing.
six- I really need to lose weight - just in case that this ever happens again.
seven-In sickness & health- I ponder these sickness and in health.....I wonder....
I think this has more to do with my emotions than anything else.

Well I'm off to another ball game today - not playing - possibly keeping score - it should be fun in a porta-potty and on bleachers for 5 or 6 hours! Yahoo!



prittykitty said...

Keep your spirits up, Sue! If you need company anytime, gives any of us a call!

taycreekcropper said...

I feel so bad for you Sue, you can drown your sorrows Friday night with us...can't wait to see you, can we stamp your cast too?

Nicks Yacks said...

LMAO - Can we stamp your Cast! Okay, that is CLASSIC I love it!
And we are all losers because we probably all laughed at it and not many people would find it very funny!