Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Saturday spent playing (OK watching) soft ball - it was really fun to watch (we, Wanda & I got to keep score and be the "official" score keepers!

It's fun to watch and cheer! I just love to cheer for all the teams - my team (the orange team) probably doesn't appreciate my continuous cheering - but oh well!

I make it very clear that I am there to have fun and fun I have! (Yup cast and all!)

We (Orange team) made it to the semi-finals which were to take place today (Sunday) but were rained out - they will happen Monday and Tuesday night so that's not too bad!

Spent a rainy day checking out the Home Depot and Kent (and their wheel chair services LOL) - I have to say they weren't too bad!

Going to watch Scary Movie 4 and eat some yummy dip (thanks pritty kitty for the yummy looking recipe - I cannot wait!)


b.c. Gurl said... didn't know you even had a blog...hi Susan (insert huge wave)..but finally figure it out and what do I find?? you've broken your ankle!!!! at least you've already hit bottom and can only go up from here! I'm sure you make a great cheerleader, even in a cast! oh..and next year don't listen to Wes, just get the damn cleats!!!

Nicks Yacks said...

Why Kents and HD? You renovating?


"The real" MarthaSue said...

kents/hd - he's building me bookcases - well he built me bookcases...

the dip - WOWSERS! It's J's dip from her blog....very very good!