Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well back to work after a rather uneventful week off - oh well it was good to rest - I needed it!

I have Christmas on my mind - and so far I'm thinking I'm ahead of the game cause i know what I want to buy for mom and dad....hehehe

Anyone know much about PLAR or have done this?

anyhow - if you have a few minutes I wouldn't mind your opinions!


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taycreekcropper said...

If its not through the university don't do it. The others have been charged criminally for taking your money, all other reputations have been tarnished from this. UNB offers on-line training as well as tons of other universities throughout Canada, depending on what you want to do they have lots. PLAR is a great program, I don't know it inside and out but you may qualify and if so its a great opportunity.