Friday, October 27, 2006

Advice Needed....

I know that you guys all lurk these blogs regularly so I thought I would ask you for your opinions.

So I have this friend - a pretty recent friend (6 months or so)...and this friend is "perfect" has a husband (probably cute - but i only saw him in passing - wouldn't recognize him) 2 kids (boy and girl), I'm sure a white picket fence etc etc. Recently has won items for which I desire.

She "thinks" herself really crafty- not just crafty - she likens herself to a certain famous "crafty" lady.

Anyhow This is my dilemma - I am MUCH craftier than her. I mean "kick butt crafty" - anyone that has seen my house just KNOWS how crafty I am. And so our other friends are saying we're going to have this big "craft-off" to see who is the craftier.

Well I know that I will win hands down - but I don't really want to crush her spirit -soooo I think that I will "throw" the competition. I think that the only real way around this is to allow her to win.

What do you all think?? LMK - I have to get my Christmas Crocheting done - no silly-- not for this year - that was done long ago- I'm doing it for 2007 Christmas.


Anonymous said...

If you still want "said friend" to be your friend I think you should throw the challenge and let her win - if not (teehee) hit her with everything you've got and maybe use your charm to talk her into putting up her "new winnings" as the prize!!

Nicks Yacks said...

I have a friend....very similar sounding to the above said friend of yours.

I think throwing it would almost be like *chickening out*. Now, Sue or should I say MarthaSue - we all know you are up to the challenge!!

But if it is going to get in the way of say QUILTING - then maybe we could do it after Christmas!

taycreekcropper said...

Well MarthaSue, you call yourself her "friend", a friend wouldn't maliciously contaminate that friendship now would they? This "said" friend souns very familiar, I know someone JUST like it.

All is fair in love and war and I'm sure your friend would RESPECT you more if you stood your ground and did your very, very, very best. Even if she does happen to beat you....LMAO

prittykitty said...

I don't think you should throw the challenge...why would you when you have it in the bag?! Like Nick says, it would be like chickening out....

And I know that your friend would have enough respect for you as a competitor that she would still let you play with her toys.

Kimmartha said...

Hmmmm, this "friend" sounds like an amazing person - and extremely gifted in the crafting department too! I sure wish *I* had a friend like that! I'm thinking we could trade ideas, maybe get together to do some craft stuff, maybe cut out some letters to do some Christmas decorating with, stuff like that. Maybe you could introduce us sometime?!!:)


PS Go ahead, throw it, and then maybe we could get together for some "chicken wings" hahahahaha!