Thursday, October 26, 2006

Obsessive Compulsive or a Cult?

I'm sure all scrappers have been asked....or it has been mentionned by their loved ones that this "scrapping" is cult like.

I have to wonder - am I Obsessive compulsive or IS it a cult? Did Nick drop something in our drinks on the w/e?

I really had so much fun it's a bit worrysome. I didn't want to work on Monday. And it goes beyond that. I'm stalking ppl now.

I use to be a "once a week or two" blog lurker. Now in the morning I check, at lunch I check (*I take a lunch - this was not always so), on breaks I check, when I get home I check...I'm checking out their links. I was waiting with abated breath for Princess to get her camera - for Kimmartha to post her excitement, J to show dirty pictures (hehehe), to see if Crop Circles was abducted by aliens or if she was ever going to up date her blog, for TayCreek to post a cutie about her cutie, for Nick to blog her pre-teen, for Fuddy to come out of the closet....OMG this is obsessive. It's got to be.

I'm addicted - its like I need a bit of a shot of "scrapper".

Seriously, I think it's because I remove myself so much from all other life forms other than my DH/Kids/work (ie my friends) then when I get together with them I cannot get enough. I know that I am a lousy friend by times - I'm not the one to pick up the phone to call and make a date...but I would do anything for my friends. I truly would. My parents really instilled no PDA's and I think I try to over compensate to my kids and dh for that reason - I want them to hug and love as much as possible.

It's kinda sad really that more ppl don't realize that I really do have a very very soft heart and
that my "indifference" is really not indifference but rather not knowing what to say or how to act. I really am a shy little girl inside. Yup it's true SHY. I have to lure my "MC-look at me" person out and just do it. Not a whole lot of ppl will beleive this - but it's true. you know that video of the opening remarks? I will never view it--the thoughts make me queasy. Weird eh?

Ok so this is a strange post.....I wonder am I bi-polar?? UP UP UP DOWN DOWN DOWN. Nahh I think that not many get to see "real me" (the weekend real me) and it's unfortunate!!

Have a great weekend all...going to cuddle up with my guy!


Princess Spy said...

The blogs are VERY addictive. I check a few times a day myself. I'm a nosey person by nature, that's why I'm in the job I am.

You're not a bad friend and I think I speak for everyone when I say we definitely see your soft heartedness. I think the sign of a true friendship is that you can drop "out of touch" for awhile and pick right back up where you left off.
Personally, I think that each individual in this group is multi-faceted and it makes us more interesting. I learned so much about each of you this weekend.
I understand where you are coming from when you talk say you would do anything for your friends. I know that I come across as the risk taker, the one who will do or say just about anything. I feel that because of that, sometimes people don't see the otheside of me. Like yourself, I would drop anything to help a friend and I'm always available if anyone needs to talk or anythign else. But I've come to realize that people don't necessarily need to be told. I think, I hope it's just unspoken and we prove ourselves with our actions.

Long story short, don't be so hard on yourself. We see this good in you all the time.

taycreekcropper said...

Awwwww Susan, your so sweet. I've only known you since Green Hill this year but "you had me from Hello" your so funny and interesting and quick witted. I'm always in stiches when your around. There are times I really don't know how to take you but that will come with time too.

You are a super duper (gotta be my "new" saying or something I say it A lot since the w/e) great person.

We are all busy in our own ways, teh blogs allow us all to "keep in touch" on a daily basis, they are really great.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with both Princess and Mel. I too am very addicted to the blogs and check them often. Everyone is very busy in their own way and when you work all day and have to go home and be Mom, Wife, Housekeeper there is little or no time left to give your friends a call. I think that the blogs are a great way as Mel said for us to keep up to date on each others lives - I just love them.

When I met you at Greenhill I too like you from "Hello!" There is just something about you - maybe that crazy "what can I do now to make things interesting" look you get in your eyes or that crazy smile of yours that brightens up the room.

You are a great person and I had a great time this weekend even when you were on top of me trying to punch me out because I slipped up and made comment about "your" paper display - I still like you!!

Nicks Yacks said...

I *fell in love* with you April 21, 2006. That was the weekend I looked at you and said, "Sue, I love you!" Even though I have known you for *years* (GASP) was the first time we laughed together till we cried; driving around Zealand!

These Blogs are Awesome! Instead, of picking up a phone and calling everyone of you to talk, I can just type and know that you are all there for me!

I think *something* happenned last weekend between us all. It caused a bond that is there for life. You know what it reminds me of....that movie YaYa Sisterhood.

When, you have a group of friends you don't have to talk everyday too still know the friendship is there!

Okay, I will post this now as I'm really, really rambling. Maybe, I'm bipolar too!

taycreekcropper said...

Um Nick, the diff between us and the Ya Ya Sisterhood, they all wore the same size jeans.....LOL

I know I ain't fittin in anyones jeans...LOL