Monday, October 23, 2006

Scrappers Treat*....Good News .... Bad News

*The Scrappers Treat for all that don't know is a weekend for Scrapbookers to Scrapbook. I know you probably thought that this had a bit to do with "scrapping" aka "wrestling/fighting". there was none of that except for a small "Rowe" in the foyer - but it was a well justified fight that we knew would happen.

Good News
Holy Cow! I had an amazing time on the weekend - - I haven't had that much fun or laughter in a way long time! The Boo Crew were amazing! The Hotel was Amazing! The scrappers were amazing. The store was amazing! You would not beleive the sheer number of compliments the Boo Crew received on the layout of the store and the paper display in particular. I had one comment that it "made the weekend" that paper display did.

I do have one regret though.....what is it you say?? That I didn't watch Tori's demonstration it bit more closely on Saturday night. If I had this would never had happened.

You see - I told Nick that I would be scrapping on Sunday PM and she offered to allow me to transport the Cricut to my house with me. This caused me to become extremely excited and animated.

So I go to Tim's get my coffee and treats for my family and go home. I step out of my vehicle and as I'm walking looking at the chopped down trees (my dh's idea of fun).

He asks "What's That?"

She says(she being me) "OH It's a Cricut and it's really cool and it cuts out letters etc".

He responds - "oh thats cool - so how do you like the job that I have done? (the trees)"

So here I'll stop and explain - At this point(the point above) - I think the cricut is really cool - and I have to tell you - I had 'BIG' reaction when Nick said I could take it home - partially cause I'm a drama queen and partially cause I was excited. But I think wow - this is going to be fun! I'm going to scrap and cut out sh*t while I'm doing it. Neat-O. "

So I mosey into the house -- hug my girls - invite Kailie (the crafty one) to come and play with mom and cricut. I think - I should start Supper--I mean he looked after everything, cleaned the house all weekend etc etc. I decide, I'll set up the cricut and "figure" it out then suggest meal options for supper.

Well Kailie and I review the notes and instructions - and decide that we will try a Cat (for Tara)and a mouse (For Kailie) and a spider ----all 4".

We put the paper in and press "cut". At this point the thing starts cutting - well HOLY SHIT, I nearly come off my chair - I'm not sure what I THOUGHT this did - but this thing cutting was freaking AWESOME...

I start yelling "WES WES COME here!! You've got to see this!! HOLY SHIT!! HURRY!!"

Wes is a pretty calm and cool guy....he saunters in and after watching this baby cut--- groans "Why did she do this?" (She being Nicole). He is pretty amazed as well.

AT this point Cricut has me hooked...holy.....I am "stoked" as cool people say. This is "sweet". This is freaking amazing.

I am in total LOVE - if you haven't watched this puppy go - then you are missing out - BIG TIME. You've got to "see" it.....I mean really see it.

So now to the Boo Crew - remember when we discussed "You have to be there to win????"
Well I'm now protesting - and no longer think that that rule should be waived.
Well I got that off of my chest....(JK)


Ok now for the bad news - So I'm playing with the Cricut and all of a sudden it stops working. I mean completely stops working. I change cartridges and it still won't work.
So I call Provocraft - I mean I'm a good friend of Nicks so I want to resolve this for her.
So they tell me I need to immediately pack up the Cricut and ALL of the cartridges that would have come in to contact with it and ship them back to them. something to do with the Cricut can track that. Anyhow being a great friend, I went ahead and did that.

So Nick--- they also said that you shouldn't call them about this - as they would probably act like they know nothing about it and that the cricut cannot decipher which cartridges that have been inserted. But this is like top secret and they wanted me to know only and that they would say that wasn't their policy but it was.

They also said that they would ship the original one back as soon as it was all fixed up. But that they would probably do extensive testing.

OK OK ...... I'll BRING IT BACK are so mean.....this was a tactic wasnt it??


taycreekcropper said...

Good One Susan....

My jaw dropped open, plus I thought wow she is a really good person for taking care of the problem NOT....

You are too funny! Poor Nick, I can't wait to see her response....

I want a Cricut.......I've got to work harder on that....Nick is gonna need quite a few for Christmas.

Nicks Yacks said...

HOLY STICKIN' Shitty Brownies!

I was totally believing you! You HAD ME!!! You had me in a BIG WAY!

I thought "Awww, what a sweetie. It broke and she looked after it and sent it back and EVERYTHING!!"

The Cricut does even impress Men! I'm glad Wes likes it too! Cut away I have more pads at home. How about you keep it till sometime this week then we rotate it around the Boo Crew for awhile :)

Princess Spy said...

Holy Stinking Shitty Brownies!?!? OMG I'm laughing so hard I might pee my pants.
So, really, Nick you were thinking "Oh isn't she sweet?" Because I'd be thinking "OMG, she broke it???" Hee hee hee...too funny.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

oh ---about supper---

I was so engrossed in the Cricut....Wes friggin' went and made me supper and delivered it to my scraproom - I love my hubby.

prittykitty said...

You had me completely convinced. My stomach was sinking until I read the bit about Nick not calling about it.

Recovered from the weekend yet? Or are you too busy playing with your toy to notice anything pesky like sleep deprivation?