Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Questionnaire

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate - Definetly Hot Chocolate - and of course Hot Milk Chocolate...won't buy the other stuff.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? All Santa gifts are wrapped - all Stocking gifts are wrapped as well. These are set on the Kitchen table--mom and dad always had "plates" instead of Stockings (they had 7 kids they needed to improvise) I think we will do plates this year with our stockings - (usually just nuts and candies on the plates) Stockings are wrapped because we usually wait until 1030 - 1100 to open gifts.

Do You Hang Mistletoe - Nope - (do you think I'd get lucky if I did?? I might have to try that!)

When do You Put Decorations Up - Anytime- usually by Dec 1 we have a lot of stuff out - not this year - we shall do it the second weekend in December along with the tree which will disappear on Dec 26 probably!!

What is Your Fave Holiday Dish (can't be dessert!) There are other dishes besides desserts?? OK OK Dressing with LOTS of cranberry sauce - yummy!!!

Fave Christmas Gift - OK my most memorable gift was the year that I got the computer and had NO idea that I was getting it - he picked it out all by himself and totally surprised me.
My fave would have been the Cabbage patch kid too - that was the year I swore that A) I will always by the "good" gifts - santa will not get the "glory" and B) if my kids asked for a name brand item - they get a name brand item.. you see Santa brought me -a "fake" CBK - which I was fine with - - you see...I was border line believing (wanting to sooo badly) but knew that mom and dad had lots of kids to buy for. So I was fine until my "prettier" "cuter" "slimmer" niece came in with a REAL bonafide CBK - I felt like DIRT...I will always remember that. And then later that day opening a CBK from my parents and thinking -"Great" - but when everyone and (EVERYONE does it) asks What did you get from Santa? I get to say "a Fake CBK" and my niece got to say "a REAL CBK". not nice.

Oh I was also proposed to on Christmas Day and was mortified.....(yes Wes and yes I said yes...after a bit) He wanted to do it infront of my parents and my sister - who is a bit emotional to say the least.....not romantic.....(I'm over it Wes - I love you babe)

When and How did you learn the truth about Santa - I too don't remember
Do You OPen a Gift on Christmas Eve - the kids do - and it is always PJ's (I didn't figure this out until I was 12 - my kids are like...OK can we please open a gift this year on CEve that is NOT our pj's???? ) (the answer: Nope!)

How do you Decorate your Tree - Whatever strikes our fancy.... usually home made stuff - (not the "Martha" stuff where everything is of homemade dough of the same shade etc etc.) ours are tacky, heartfelt ornaments that mean something to us ---that don't match a bit!

Fave Christmas Memory - Snuggling up on a chair and drifting off to sleep from sheer exhaustion....with family all around!

The most Important thing about the HOlidays - The most important thing about the Holidays in our house is keeping W's birthday separate and special for him. Then having the kids have wonderful memories of playing with Family members - for me it's having lots of ppl around and for wes it's having time to relax (not so much now as when he worked in retail--bakery manager). Just being together and remembering that you will only have these family members for a short while so (and normally you only have to tolerate them for a short while) ----Is it really worth it to say ________________. (note the statement was most important thing about the Holidays- I would also say that we do celebrate Jesus birth-and we want the kids to be aware of the christmas story)

What tops your Tree - An Angel

Do you prefer giving or recieving - This is a toss up --I really love giving - but I'm very very nervous that my gifts are "worthy" --I was once told by a very close relative "What the fuck would I do with a XXXXXX?" on Christmas Day - and I bought the XXXXXX and she knew it! I wonder why I'm so nervous???

Fave Christmas Song - This one is hard I really really love Kenny and Dolly - and that CD - what is Christmas without it?


Nicks Yacks said...

Sorry, for brining up such bitter CPK memories for you! LOL

I too am a Dolly & Kenny fan!!!

I got my ring on Christmas Morning too. Oh, I should blog about that one! It was hilarous!!

taycreekcropper said...

I love Kenny & Dolly - they are the best.

Those darn CPK were nothin' but trouble for us weren't they. I got mine for Christmas too, I was suppose to get blonde twins (I'm told) but Sears was all sold out. I got a brunette named Petunia Sybil......LOL

Anonymous said...

Good lord Sue, You should be in therapy


"The real" MarthaSue said...

good lord are putting me in Therapy...hehe...


Nicks Yacks said...

Why didn't my last post show up?

Wes, welcome to Blogsphere! You going to start a blog too?!?!?! Make sure to link me up!