Monday, November 27, 2006

Woo hoo!

Everyone remember that I didn't have $ until this weekend? (the one coming?) well guess what? one of Wes' buddies tells him " that Christmas Tree Shoppe is something else = it's like nothing I've seen before" well this has him hooked....

So he says =well we could probably go down that weekend (Dec 2-3) then he calls me and says OH NO we'll leave in the afternoon - he'll take a half day off. THEN he calls, oh we're leaving at 10AM and taking my mom and dad too.

So I'm going to Bangor this weekend (and on down to Augusta of course for the Christmas Tree Shoppe)- woohoo! Now I need a LIST....Must go tos:

1-mardens (I need fabric)
2-old navy
3-Target - how do I get him there? ideas? don't worry Im going there, but how can I get him excited to go there

come on girls..where else?

5-Joann Super centre
6-Is there a Michaels?


Nicks Yacks said...

OMG - does this mean you are not going to the staff Christmas party? I was asked by Mom to go tonight. I told her yes as she said the food is supposed to be good :)

I REALLY, REALLY think you should wait 1 week to go and go the same time we are going!

There is an AC Moores, Michaels it is all there!! You must go to Target!! Oh and Burlington Coat Factory - It is more then just coats. My sis in law bought herself and hubby really nice Columbias there for $80.00! THere is no way you can go to Bangor and not go to Target! Maybe, bring the mistletoe away with you? LOL

taycreekcropper said...

Texas Roadhouse (in Kohl's parking lot, awesome restaurant)
LL Bean Outlet
AC Moore (Craft store, better than Michaels)
Burlington Coat Factory
Mall has Yankee Candle, The Bear Mill, JC Penney, Sears, etc.....

"The real" MarthaSue said...

does ac moore have a website?

"The real" MarthaSue said...

I would LOVE to wait - but I can't get that day off and for wes to get the first off was like pulling teeth!

taycreekcropper said..., for a zip use 04401 (bangor)

You'll love it....