Monday, November 13, 2006

Quilts....and the WAQB

I had so much fun!

We should definetly do it again! I have to get my own sewing machine fixed so that I can take sucks badly though so I hesitate.

Even if we just had a common night (a regular one) to do crafty stuff - that would be fun! I'm just thinking that I probably will taper off on the quilt making after Christmas (that's usually my

Above are the two I have done so far... the top one is a christmas one with bears and holly and a flannel green back. The second one has a plaid backing and jeans on the front. I have "fringed" the top one but not the second one and they both need to be washed and dried to get the full effect! I will post again when that is complete!
Have a great night!


prittykitty said...

Ohmigod! I just noticed the names of your links! HA!

taycreekcropper said...

great job! Love the new look

Nicks Yacks said...

Good For YOU! Totally, makes me want to get working more on mine! I can't wait to see one washed a couple times!!!

I had a blast too - we really could do a night of crafting. Everybody come and finish up their CHristmas gift giving projects.

Tina said...

That was fast, beautiful job!!

Fuddy said...

I would love to do that too. I kinda miss our BooCrew nights. I have been looking at patterns on the net for those quilts - you girls have me wanting to make one too. I love to do this stuff but I really need help with it.