Friday, December 29, 2006


As you know I'm super pumped to have a cricut - but I try not to look at it much - cause I'm going away in 6 days and wont be able to play with it for 5 weeks ++ that totally sucks!!

anyhow - I often enjoying finding out new things - and especially something with the cricut - tried cutting pictures - that worked very cool-y....and the next thing....are you ready??

Well as you know I"m a procrastinator - I am making a calendar for my mom and dad for Christmas - er I mean New years.....and decided to do funky things with the calendar days - IE drawing them on instead of printing them - cutting thin strips of cardstock to make "lines" to weave.

WELLLLL I got the great idea to use "squares" and so I thought to myself "Self you can use the Cricut to cut these out"

WELLL this is where the freakin' fun begins - I click 1" then choose square 3 times (not sure if there is a signifcance to the 3 squares or not) then pressed cut - of course as you all know you need between 29-31 of these - so I kept pressing cut cut cut - well.....look what happened when I went to lift the papers off------ a GRID...a freakin' grid!! How cool is that? ??? Think of the mosaic's you can make now?!?! SUPER AWESOME....and that's why they call me MarthaSue...LOL


taycreekcropper said...

That is NOT the George font is it? You have a different font don't you? Which is it? I want a scripty one next......

"The real" MarthaSue said...

it's the basic one - I think that's george----

Tina said...

Very cool!!! I like how it turned out!