Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope your day was merry & bright!

(I too received the best present in a long time --- my Cricut (and I got a good long talking to about how I don't play nicely.....) I also got the CC2 - (only a small talking to here...)...and of course there are his gifts...yup I got a talking to there...(spent too much).... oh and my "is your mom staying tonight too ? I thought she was going home? Question---- - yup that got a "talking to".....oh and the Christmas Lights on St Mary's were a talking to there.....(I don't have to see every house)......but he's stressed...trying to keep *everyone* happy (read: his mother, father, mother, mother, my mother, father, me) and I'm the "worst" so I shouldn't really bother him--truly...cause I'm not stressed.....LOL....

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