Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas all!!

So my last post was a quickie!

Wes and I and the girls had a really great Christmas. Wes birthday is on Christmas Eve so we really try to make it special for him ---- I said we try!!

I made him a Black Forest Cake - that wouldn't stay standing up in the fridge - I'm just not domesticated!! Oh well I thought it tasted yummy!

On Dec 23 I got to spend some time with J and Nick at Bingo - we had fun! My MIL had said she was coming to visit but when I mentionned bingo she was all for it so we went there instead! Wes, his dad and the girls stayed home and visited.
When we got home from bingo (none of us had any luck--I was set and my "ball was in the hole" once so that was very exciting!) after picking up their dog of course - Linda and I (MIL) went home to find that Wes and his dad were "in the liquor" - good thing we picked up the dog - so we sat down and had a few drinks ourselves....

On Dec 24 I had stuff to do but got it done around 1 or so then we went to my moms to deliver gifts as well as have a bite with my brother and his family - we didn't stay too long as we had to get to wes' moms to pick her up. Wes dropped off the TV stand he made for my SIl and then we went to my sisters to drop her gifts off! While I was visiting wes went to get his mom - we then headed for home. Wes "bio" mom and her husband, my half BIL and Niece came over for a bite to eat - the girls were super excited -- probably the most excited that I have seen them - it gets better each year! We tucked MIL in bed - (yeah right) and we went to bed around midnight or so.

As per tradition the girls got up at 730 - and came to our room to open their stockings in bed with us. About 5 mins after they came in my sister called - bawling her eyes out - the conversation went like this:
Wes: hello?
Deb (in a whiny - sobbing voice): can I speak to my sister....??
Me: hello?
Deb: I cannot beleive you bought this fo rme...I cannot go into my living room without crying - Oh mmyyyy goddd...I never thought I'd ever have a sewing machine of my own.....I have only openned 2 gifts ....ohhh myyyy....(she's a bit of a drama queen ;<)

At around 830 we got up and called mom and dad to come to our house to have breakfast and open gifts--we started that at around 1000 -
We got a lot of things - I would say that the highlights were

Tara - Nintendo DS games as well as an MP3 player and an idog and bag (Paris hilton style)
Kay - Nintendo DS system and game (Mario )
Wes - Router and router table (as well as his air hockey table that he got for his birthday)
Me - my CRICUT and my Creative Companion 2, my crockpot!!!!!!
US - a LAPTOP from my FIL and sMIL! How awesome is that?? It needs to be upgraded - -I guess I'll be seeing Rob in the NY.

We spent a leisurely Christmas Day --we made Turkey dinner with all the fixin's. That night we went to wes' dad's house and then to see the lights at ST Mary's.

On Boxing day we slept pretty late then took Wes' mother to visit a friend and we went to my sisters to visit - when the rain and snow started we needed to head home so Wes took his mom home while I prepared supper. It was a quiet evening spent together - just the four of us - it's amazing how "uptight" one extra person can make you (yes I know - only if they let you).
I spent quite a bit of last night working - I have only a few days left in Fton before Manila so I'm hoping to get some stuff done before I got - lots of loose ends!!

We shall see what is on our plates for tomorrow!


taycreekcropper said...

Sounds like everyone did quite well in the Santa Dept......Having a b-day on Christmas Eve has got to suck.....LOL

Nicks Yacks said...

Your reaction to that ball on the screen was CLASSIC! I will always remeber that - I'm laughing out loud right now thinking of it.

Okay, I think men ask for Black Forest Cakes as a test! ROb, did the same thing - the sucker of a cake was so big I had to put those sticks used for Kabobs through it so it wouldn't fall over!

Glad to hear you all had a great Christmas!!!!! You lucky girl*s*! What color was the crockpot?

"The real" MarthaSue said...

it was a red crockpot!! to match my blender!!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Oh yes....his bday on Christmas Eve defintely sucks!