Monday, December 04, 2006

SHE, HE, THEY.....

**Disclaimer: Please note the following opinion is that of Ms. MarthaSue, this in no way suggests or implys that the other parties agree or disagree with the comments below but is how Ms. MarthaSue has interpreted the events.

SHE: Martha Sue
HE: Mr. Martha Sue - aka Wes
THEY: Mr & Mrs. Mom and Dad of MarthaSue

HE: Puts up with and loves MarthaSue - however cannot understand the scrapbooking need/wants.

THEY: Have/had 7 children, all of whom are married, those marriages have produced 20+ children, many of whom (8) have married (or have significant others) and have produced children.... they brough up those children during the 50-60-70 and "know the value of a dollar".....see where I'm going with this???

Part I
Woodstock Duty Free:
They: woohoo smokes
He: nuthin' much here...
She: Drive..they don't sell sbook supplies or crafts...

She: Tim Hortons...yummm
He: Mardens....yummm
They: How much are turkeys????

to be continued..........

Part II
He: Cheap eh?
She: yuck - I'm sleeping in my clothes....
They: This hotel is nice...just dandy......and look we have a smoking room!

He: WOW - nick nacks....
She: 8 yards of fabric ....
They: This store is just dandy......

HE: Isn't this the same as Sears/WalMart? Wants to know WHY we have to buy presents for certain relatives that shall remain nameless
SHE: Loves it...loves it...loves it...(got really cute pj's for girls)
THEY: Well now...kinda strange, everyone wears red...What did you say they called this place?

Starbucks - Peppermint Mocha
HE: it's ok...kinda minty

So "HE" drops "She" off at AC Moore, Old Navy and Kohl's (to be shopped in that order so that "HE" can find "SHE" upon his return)....."HE" takes "They" back to the deluxe accomodations....

Upon his return to the stores...HE finds SHE in AC Moore (second aisle)- which is my new favorite craft store --(note that is my favorite craft store not Scrapbook store - that's still Nicks...)...
HE: you started at Kohl's right??
SHE: Uhh NO...

AC Moore:
HE: Hated boring.....just like Michaels

HE: Liked it(cause he found deals) - but wants to know WHY we have to buy presents for certain relatives that shall remain nameless

HE: Isn't this the same as Sears/WalMart/Target?? and wants to know WHY we have to buy presents for certain relatives that shall remain nameless (seeing a common theme here??)

Breakfast on Saturday @ Dysarts
SHE: Holy cow - the Pumpkin Pancakes with Pecans - and whipped cream and syrup!! You have to try this!!

Christmas Tree Shoppe
HE: this is awesome - yeah right - he just loved the crowds - and all the ppl pushing and hitting you ....
SHE: Loved the cutest Snow boy!
THEY: Well my goodness, they must shut that down right after Christmas (I mean really who would buy Christmas stuff year round??)

SHE: another 12 yards of fabric!

SHE: another 6 yards of fabric
They: how much are Turkeys??

Joann Fabric

HE: She tricked me into coming into this store.

SHE: He doesn't understand my need to "see" and look at scrapbook supplies, I don't want to buy them all - just look.....

Happy China Restaurant

all: really yumm

Mardens (on Sunday)

SHE: The last of the fabric....28 yards total.....

HE: Holy shit do you really need ALL that fabric??


They: turkeys bought at 0.68 per pound.

The border

HE and SHE: 388.00

THEY: 397.00 (that is what they are admitting to)

So that was the trip in a nutshell. Nothing really too exciting...we did go down a one way street backwards..........

Sorry for the extra Drama guys...hehehe


Princess Spy said...

Seriously?!?! You give us all the background info and no story. I feel totally shafted, MarthaSue. ;)

taycreekcropper said...

Awwww! NOT fair.....I need more - wah..........................stop it.....I want more....

prittykitty said...

TEASE! You can't just leave us hanging!

Nicks Yacks said...

Love this take on the write up! For some reason I am reading the story. I get it! THey don't get the moral of the story?

MEN, suck at shopping?
Taking Folks shopping is almost as bad as MEN.
Shopping is best done with the girls.

I get the moral :)

"The real" MarthaSue said...

this is absolutely correct.....oh Nick....the first four comments were posted BEFORE the ending....way up everything before be continued....

prittykitty said...

HAHAHA! Too funny! Your take on the relations is hilarious...I can just imagine Wes saying some of those things!

Princess Spy said...

Pumpkin pancakes???

taycreekcropper said...

I have to admit, my hubby enjoys going out shopping while in Bangor, he just looks around and always finds the most obscure items to buy that are great gifts.....that is totally hilarious but taking your in-laws would be like taking my parents, hang me now....glad you had a good time, I'm looking forward to going this weekend.

prittykitty said...

I think Princess would like to request that someone bring back some Pumpkin Pancakes for her this weekend.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Oh yes they were FANTASTIC....yum...oh my!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Oh and Mel, let me know what he finds in Joann Fabrics ;<) (for the next time wes get's tricked into going there) lol

taycreekcropper said...

Ok so that would be one store he would wait in the car for or ask me to come back later on my own but he's not a complainer when we go shopping, he has informed me at like 9:30 that we should pack it in for the day and shop again another day....but thats about it.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Holy Crap that's awesome!

Poor Rob that's all I have to say!

Nicks Yacks said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Poor Rob! I have been giving pep talks about the trip. Telling him he is not to pull a WES, hahahaha. That he can go back to the hotel and chill if it gets to be to much for him.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

I must admit though - Wes was pretty good - He was very good humored throughout the trip - even asking on Sunday (as we were passing the exit) if I was serious about wanting to stop at AC Moore again....(which I was but was also too stubborn to admit it)