Thursday, January 18, 2007

City Tour Part 3

Well a bit of a different picture today --- one that will no doubt get us all talking.
This picture is probably one of the first disturbing things I have seen.
This child is rowing a on a piece of Styrofoam – using 2 pieces of wood as oars. How sad.
When I asked what he was looking for – no one could really answer – except that he had a bag of bottles so I think he may have been scavenging the water for bottles – the building we were on banked on the river and I think the boys (there was another) were getting the bottles that washed up and those that were thrown over.
They were reaching out and saying something but I couldn’t make it out. Look at the color of the water. The water is “dead”. There are no fish – it’s too polluted. What would happen if they fell in? What diseases? Where are their parents?

Off in the distance you can see where many of the squatters live – these boys were probably from that area. We drove through one of the squatter areas – and its unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. It’s nothing we would see at home.

This picture reminds me of the one thing that was worse than the boating children – in this picture you see ppl around that car – well they are asking for money or food.
So they are adults right – no problem – yes but – on the other side of this street there was about that was about 6-7 years old with these huge brown eyes – in his arms cradled a new baby – about 2 or 3 months old. He was going up to car windows tapping –begging for money or maybe food.

The only other place that there were “beggars” was outside of the Manila Cathedral – it’s so “old country” I think with a Spanish influence – it was gorgeous.

There were 2 weddings while we were there (one done and one in progress)

The ceilings were amazing (and hand painted).

Behind these cars there was a nativity scene (remember
it’s only January!!)

Across the way through this corridor - was the palace courtyard where the reception was set up.

The picture of the building is the third floor where many of the windows are closed - behind those doors is the kitchen preparing for the wedding.Also I think when I was taking this pic there was a cat on the roof (is it there?)
Have a great day!


prittykitty said...

Don't think about the water that child is paddling through. If you knew what kind of parasites were in it, you would be so sick. Beats an ice cube all to shit.

The cathedral is breath taking. Absolutely beautiful. And yes, Spanish influence. The Philippines were a Spanish colony until the early 1900's I believe. Might be wrong on the time.

Anyway, gorgeous pictures as usual Martha! I can almost feel the balmy breeze. Almost. Until I look outside at the snow. Then pouf, it's gone.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

lol---funny how the snow does it!! LOL - it must be beautiful though!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

SNOW - Beautiful - You sure you are not sick and drinking water with ice cubes. Gawff - don't think 25cm coming tomorros is going to breath taking beautiful Sue LOL.

Young kids begging for money & food. Good lord - I wouldn't know what to do!! I would want to stow them as cargo and bring them I think.

These pictures you are posting are amazing!!! You should check in the price of photo developing over there might be cheaper then here. Considering your going to have a couple hundred to print teehee.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

hehehe as I sit under a palm tree...drinking a cold Coca Cola the hot sun....I do think it would be purrrrdy...LOL

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

You still up - told ya add me to MSN LOL. I don't sleep anymore; I'm keeping prolly the same hours as you :)

Anonymous said...

I love all these amazing pictures your posting. It is so sad to think of those kids and how some people have to live!! TFS

Kimmartha said...

What a land of extremes. The first picture of the squatters village - with the heavy sky behind it - wow, powerful. And the Cathedral/wedding pics - gorgeous. Again, it makes me glad to live where I do and to be able to provide the life we do for our children.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

nick...send me an email with your msn - I don't usually sign in here on it (cannot download it and hae to use web and web has sucked lately)

I went to bed shortly after and only got this msg this morning :<( I couldn't sleep so would have chatted!!!

b.c. Gurl said...

that cathedral is breathtaking! It's amazing how one area can be so different from the next - I know we had some 'culture shock' moving here - the homeless population and drug use is on the rise - we've noticed a difference just in the time we've been here -- you go into a parking garage in the evening and there are groups of people in corners shooting up - not a sight that I really want my kids to see...walk downtown any time of day and there are people sleeping in doorways - passed out on benches, every 3 steps someone asks for money - it's so sad - we have to teach our kids to not touch anything(the smell of urine in some areas is enough to make you gag), wash their hands frequently and not to stare and ask blatant questions. the difference being that you don't see young kids - they're out there of course - but I think the shelters take families first, - and there are so many social safety nets here for people with children - including housing, daycare subsidy, food banks etc etc that the time they spend homeless, there is actually someplace safe, dry and warm for them to stay. sorry - went on a tangent!
keep up the great pics :)
oh..picture developing at Costco is only 18cents and awesome prices for enlargements- I have a membership -- for when you're here ;)

taycreekcropper said...

OMG, the children, those poor children, how awful that must be and you have to say no to some....

they also say that the boys & girls (squatters) are a "hot" commodity in the sex trade there....lovely huh?

Your pics are great, the cathedral is amazing, how beautiful.

Dee said...

Love the pics - the children would get me to Sue - that would break my heart. It really makes me appreciate my life more seeing how other have to live like that.