Friday, January 19, 2007

City Tour Part 4 (final chapter)

Hi all - Happy Snow day in NB!!

Nothing super stunning today - but kinda cool pics yet!

Another couple modes of transportation for you!

And of course my favorite-- plants and trees! Some taken as walking around the parimeter of the Fort – there is a wall all the way around with a pathway – very cool! Did you see the cat? And no I didn’t save it!!

This coconut palace is made from

coconuts – very cool – didn’t see the palace but the sign is fine!!

These are of the waterfront---- driving by – not great pics!! But kind of cool!! I hope to get a chance to actually walk along the waterfront - we shall see!!

below is an arts museum that was built for an International Film Festival - legend has it that the first lady who ordered it built was in a huge rush to get it done and many workers perished while trying to build it - it is said that there was such a rush that the workers who died weren't even removed from the building and haunt it to this day....

Do you see the park?? This park was FULL of

families(and lotsa litter) – relaxing under trees!! Now it doesn't seem such a strange phenomenom however - how many families do you see enjoying a day under the trees together in NB? Not a whole lot - and I probably saw more "entire family units" there than anything else (mother father children) - sheesh if we go to the park we are lucky to have one of us go with the kids!

This is the final chapter in the City Tour - hope you enjoyed! Going to the Taal Volcano this weekend so that should be awesome!!


prittykitty said...

That was a park? Oye.

Volcano! Can't wait to see the pics!

taycreekcropper said...

Thanks a lot Sue, the pics are so great and you've done such a great job writing about it. Your really good at this....

I can't wait to hear about the volcano and see the pics.....

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

What alot of filth. I have heard many times people comment on how clean Fredericton is. Now that park really gives me something to compare it too.

I had a hard time spotting the kitty. THen once I clicked and enlarged the photos I found him!

Missing YOU!