Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coming Down off my High Horse part I

Good morning all,

Canadian opportunities – not sure who runs it – I think it may be Canadian government – but really not sure – we didn’t go in.

Bathrooms – yeah I’m not sure – I was talking to a co-worker from India and she was saying it’s pretty common (not getting into details on that one). The people here (that I work with) are clean – I guess it’s just different culture – NOT what I’m used to!

Now that you have had the highlight picture of Taal trekking I thought I would provide the details.

Well it all started out fine and dandy with a nice trip across the countryside stopping at various vantage points to view local fruits as well as scenic views for pics.

Coca Cola has a huge bottling company here -

where they bottle most of the products for Asia.
(--holy cow look at those bottles!)

We saw rice patties – fruit trees – fruit stands – acres of pineapple crops etc etc. this picture is of a fruit stand that we stopped at and tried pineapple – fresh pineapple – not fresh from the superstore – but from the ground!!

Pineapples grown like this.for some reason I didn’t think - -I thought that the fruit grew at the bottom of the plant – not the middle (ok so you could say – yeah but WHO would know how a pineapple grows – except for I went to Hawaii for gawd sakes and SAW pineapple fields….)

Mango Trees!

An Orchid Nursery

Coffee beans baby – coffee beans – you probably already knew but for those that do not…they pick the beans off the branch when they are very red (these are not ready at all) they lay them out in the hot sun to dry out for about a week – then the beans are roasted…and tada – coffee!

Well guys, I've run out of time and have to go to work.....
So I guess this will need to be continued....................................


prittykitty said...

Ok, I didn't know pineapple grew half way up the plant. I assumed they grew directly on the ground like the rest of bromeliads do.

Love pics, Sue! Very educational.

Tina said...

Yes, very educational! I didn't know how pineappe grew or anything about coffee beans. So there, I learned a few new things today!

Dee said...

Great pics Sue. I didn't know either. So how was the pineapple? Does it taste alot different than the stuff we get here?

taycreekcropper said...

very cool, you just keep teaching us new things every day.....

prittykitty said...

Ok, I keep stalking your blog, Sue. I must have clicked on it at least 10 times today.

Anyone else care to admit how often they check?

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

don't laugh - okay - you can laugh i thought they grew on trees? I thought one time on Survivor they got them off trees LOL. I also, didn't know coffee beans were so big.

How many times a day do I click? 10 anyways. She is probably getting a good laugh at her site meter.

Your *almost* making me want to take a vacay over there sometime!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

lol - well considering the site coutner has only been there since Monday I'm touched!! LOL

o h I feel the love!