Wednesday, January 24, 2007

High Horse - Part Dalawa

PS: Actually Phillipinos LOVE Americans (all of the tours are Americans did this, Americans did that – thank goodness for the Americans)


see the tree in front of that house (the tallest one) its a pine tree!

This guy(leaning against the pole) was selling Bonsai trees – Wes remember when we went to Greenvillage and Tara and I were looking at that little one – do you remember the price? It was really expensive. Anyhow the ones here were around 2000 pesos for one with 2 trees growing in a pot or 1500 for one with 1 tree (if I was really interested in the tree I imagine I could have “haggled” but not sure I could have got it through immigration!)

Another pic of Pineapple fields – I don’t know if you can notice how STEEP this bank is. Very very steep!!

Another view of Taal Crater– getting closer!!


Well all---- I know that this is short today - but the pics take a while to upload - I will continue tomorrow I promise!! (and all you purse fiends - I may have a special eye-candy for you tomorrow!! Keep your eyes peeled for them!) Happy Reading!


Kimmartha said...

How many more days?! Are you going to tell us or just show up and surprise us? I can't wait to hear your stories in person!

prittykitty said...

Hmmm....not often you go somewhere and Americans are loved. Well, at least they have one country that likes them.

Loving the pics! And yeah, when are you going to tell us your return date? Huh?

Nick, coffee beans are really the seeds. Those green fruits, called cherries, turn bright red, are picked, fruit removed (apparently it's quite sweet and tasty), coffee beans are cleaned and then roasted. Usually there are two beans/fruit. If there is only one, it's called a peaberry and is quite coveted because it has 2x the caffeine. I had to look this up after Sue's pics, I was so curious to see how coffee is cultivated.

taycreekcropper said...

See somebody loves Americans....hee, hee, you posted that comment for me didn't you Sue?

Purses, did someone say purses...bring em on Sista!

Dee said...

amazing pics again Sue. I can't wait to hear your stories in person either.

Lori said...

Hi Susan,

I'm just getting through your blog - I love it. You are so creative! I'm now worried that when you arrive in Vancouver I will have to be good.... or I may end up as one of your stories.

See you soon!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Ohh you really don't know...didn't realize that!! Our expected date of departure is Feb 9 arriving Feb 9 at midnight!

You better watch out Lori - remember the night we *didn't* stop to get Nickelback's autograph!!LOL

Purses to be posted shortly!!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Nickelback - Who, Where, When? You do know that I would be if I could be Chads #1 stalker. Oh yeah, you know I have already confessed my undieing love for him to you! LOL

Melanie, we all know you would be a poser American if you could. Oh Hold on - You are pretty much one now! LOL tease, tease love ya!

Feb. 9th! Wow, what am going to read when you get home? This blog is my daily; learn something new everyday blog. No, I would rather have you home - miss you lots!


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading the last few days of your blog posts and I'm so glad you're sharing all this with us. It really is amazing!! And Jeanatte, that's pretty neat about the coffee beans, TFS