Thursday, January 25, 2007

Horse humiliation...Part Tatlo

Off in the distance is fishing traps.

Made from bamboo (is there really any other wood?LOL) and nets.
So when we arrived at the tour place, this is the first cool thing we saw…. – a bamboo resting place. The roof is made from leaves – but is covered in green netting. There are designs burned into the wood.

The boat we took to get across the lake to get to the volcano. No Wes I didn’t fall into or out of the boat…I was quite ….. graceful.

a view of the beach at the base of the volcano – just a note in the prev photos I was showing you all Taal Volcano on the right– unfortunately (or fortunately) we could not go up and see the inside of that one – it’s an active volcano and so could explode….nice…. so we went up the side of the one to the left of that (one that has been dormant for a while). I cannot remember the name but will find it. Travis was saying that as you walked up you could feel the heat from the ground beneath you. And all along the trail you can see “steam’ pockets coming out of the ground – that was cool!!

Ok so here is where the horseback riding adventure begins –– and at this point should have known this was NOT a good idea. So some of us rode horses up and others walked up the outside of the crater. Both were sweating from the heat (and exercise) when we arrived at the top. They tried to get me to buy pop for the boy that led the horse – but I had a funny feeling that it wasn’t legit….

This is looking along the ridge of the volcano. You can see that we are standing at the top along the edge/ridge of the volcano --- at some points the path is 5 feet across with drop offs on either side, and as you can see here there are some points where it’s like 30 feet across, and little huts are constructed for shade as well as selling coconuts (fresh with milk…ewww)

this looks into the volcano crater – you can see the steam as well as the sulphur (yellow) and calcium(white)

This is looking at Taal from the summit of this volcano

Can you see the chopper? (gawd I love these “where’s waldo” pics…wheres the cat? Wheres the volcano..LOL)

I was pretty scared at this point to being scared shitless – remembering on the other side of me is about 5 feet of dirt and it’s all down hill from there!


Wes said...

Now I see why they suggested you take an extra pair of underwear!

taycreekcropper said...

I just couldn't do it, I would have thrown up....heights are NOT my thing, I'm good looking up at it....

Anonymous said...

OMG, I was having a little anxiety just looking at some of those pictures, pretty scary!! You managed to get some great shots though. Thanks for sharing!

Dee said...

AMAZING pics Sue. This is so wonderful to see all this place through you and you are so descriptive and love the narration. You would make an excellent tour guide.

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

I'm with Wes! I would of been flipping out. Did you go on Space Mountain at Disney? It was the first ride we went on - you couldn't see the ride inside the building I thought it was going to be like a little movie on Space, you know a trolly ride you watch a movie! I almost Peed my pants when I got on that friggin ride! I totally hate HEIGHTS!!