Thursday, January 25, 2007

Horses smorses - Part Apat

I couldn’t go any further than this….too frightened!

This is a pic of the above area in the distance.

At the top looking down from where I brought the horse(I talk like I had control of where this horse went…yeah right!)

Another view of the trail.......

The fence that keeps me from falling over!!

Any one know what this is? Oregano!

A couple of different things here.

The boy in the blue shirt is “peeling” a coconut – with a great big machete and he was FAST…I was thinking the whole time…holy crap he’s going to cut his hand off!!

And do you notice what is tucke din the arm of the guy in the background wearing a hat? Yup a semi-automatic gun…..GUN…..OMG!!

I figure … if boy cuts his hand off maybe the guy shoots him to put him out of his misery- - cause I haven’t seen any hospitals??

Um –why is the guy with the gun looking at me like that??

Oh the humiliation begins (and the downward trip)! (see pics from yesterday)

A "Jeepney" up close

Bathroom issues…I have bathroom issues!

Of course we must give Kudos to Travis for wearing my hat so graciously and getting his pic taken!!

Mango trees

So after this trek we were beat ---I mean even riding this horse up the mountain and down in the simmering heat was exhausting… I can only imagine how Travis felt - although he spends a bit more time in the gym each day than me -----the fed us lunch - Rice, chicken, pork and fish (with HEAD of course)

It was a pretty quiet trip back (yes I said Quiet....I know it's hardly beleiveable!)

Two days later I definetly knew I had not rode a horse in 15 years... I have to say that I did laugh while mounted on that was defintely......interesting.....

Hope all are enjoying the blog - we expect to be home on Feb 9 (late)!

In the mean time - stay tuned for future episodes!! (please note we are headed to Villa Escuardo on the weekend so that should be FUN FUN FUN!)

Want a preview?? teehee - I have my own "trailer"...


prittykitty said...

OMG! I can't stop laughing! Let me catch my breath.

Ok, I couldn't help but snort, yes I said snort, at the commentary on the guy with the gun. Just a minute while I snort again. OMG SUSAN! You are too funny!

I love the way you write ... it's just like the way you talk ... I can totally imagine you saying all those things.

Ok, I am off to look at the Villa Escudero.

taycreekcropper said...

The Villa looks amazing....can't wait for those pics....

The "horsecapade" (new word) really is so funny....

Can't wait to have you back home...

taycreekcropper said...

Hey Sue, with regards to the purses....if you happen to find any Louis Vuitton purses (2 of em) for like a crazy low amount, I would be forever in your debt, I'll love you forever n' ever......have you priced them there? They are $800 here (just the purse).

Anonymous said...

I love the new look of your blog!! Wonderful pictures and always entertaining!!

Dee said...

OMG - that guy with the gun is freaky looking. I would not have have had the nerve to take that pic girl.

I too love the new blog look :)

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

You rode the horse **UP** the hill too? I totally think that would of been scarier then the trip down the hill. Did you feel like you were going to fall off the horse backwards?

I didn't know Oregano looked so pretty.

Mauh, Nick

Wes said...

Susan! I just checked my blog,and I have the same amount of hits as you do for the day! I'm so excited.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Hon you know how many you started with and ended with?? Babe - thats pathetic!! LOL

Tickey - LV are aroudn 20 for knockoffs -

rode the damned horse UP and DOWN the was interesting...nope didnt fall off - however was thinking - how am I going to get to the hospital if this happens - thank God Travis is here to remove the horse from me when I do fall off and horse goes too...let's just say it wasnt pretty!