Saturday, January 13, 2007

Market, Mall of Asia...Travis

The market was pretty cool. It wasn’t open air as I expected. It was in a building. Again purses and shoes, purses and shoes – oh and Cell phones! Lots of cell phones! Clothes! Did I mention Purses? I bought a couple here (versace and chanel) for about 1000 pesos for both (less than 24.00)

They also have LOTS of pearls…I mean Lots of pearls!!

However I dont' think I was ever offered so many DVDs in my life...dvdma'am...dvd? dvd? ma'am purses ma''am'am purses...sir..purses.....and on and on!

The traffic every where is crazy! I mean there is lots of traffic – but also crazy traffic. Travis didn’t think the inside of a “hired car” looking out is a very good indication but I think it helps!!

The traffic was really bad going to the Mall of Asia (our understanding is they were having fireworks there last night so perhaps that’s why!)

The mall was pretty cool there was “sections of mall separated by areas out side that have food courts – does that makes sense? This picture is in the “section that separates – on each side you can go inside the mall (and it looks like a normal mall)

The ice rink was quite a big deal! People were lined up to go skating – I would estimate that there were 150 ppl lined up for this – and they say that the Philipinos have much patience…I will tell you that his ABSOLUTELY true – it’s actually pretty amazing – as much waiting in line, traffic and sheer volume of people – I’ve not seen a second of “bitch-y-ness waiting in line – no road rage- - there is lots of horn tooting – but no “fingers” “fists” ‘yelling” or screaming! I think it’s amazing!!!

Heres another view of traffic. Also a picture of these Jeepneys’ – they are a sort of taxi I guess – or a bus – ppl “hire” them much like a public bus! (I would LOVE to go on one but I’m not convinced they are safe!! They are owned by the driver or by someone else...and are usually very colorful - cause we all Now that filipinos are colorful!! They originate from the US jeeps from ww2- the filipinos elongated the chasis to make for transporting lots of ppl - they say taht they can fit 20 ppl inside and 35 ppl ON TOP - (only outside the city of course!!)

Travis deserves a medal for putting up with me – he is just LOVING having to stop and take a picture of everything and I do mean everything! He threatened me yesterday that he wasn’t taking me to a mall again - I take too many pictures!
(Travis has a wife (who is expecting) and two little boys at home - so i tried to get some pics that the boys and L would like!)
So L, C & J – here’s a couple pics of cars --- a “punch buggy” – a note to my girls - what color would we use on that one?? (we are HUGE punch buggy players – well Wes and T are – Kay and I play by our own rules!)

And then I got him to stand by this Mega block structure – pretty cool eh?
a Mini car - cool eh?
Then last but not least from the Mall of Asia – a Watson’s Store!! Pretty cool huh?
talk to you all tomorrow! The city tour was fantastic! Haven't reviewed teh pics yet! hope they turned out!!
OH KM--I agree in regards to the traveling Journalist but think I need my CANON REBEL to do so...wes? do you agree??


prittykitty said...

I bet the pearls are gorgeous! Umm..don't buy the DVDs! Unless they are Region 1(US/CAN) dvds. No PAL dvds - they're for the asian market.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

yeah Travis was telling me about those....that sucks cause they are SUPER CHEAP!! like 75 pesos for Disney classics

taycreekcropper said...

Pritty Kitty is one smart chick, you need her with you MarthaSue.....

Pearls - awesome
Purses - awesome
shoes - awesome

Why did you go there again? To shop? Keep up the great work.

Canon Rebel - definitely....

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Lets just pretend I can read peoples minds....the girl standing at the pearls this is what she is thinking -

If I stand her and pose for this white chick in front of these pearls for her to take a picture; she BETTER buy something.

"The real" MarthaSue said...


i will let her take my picture i just "soaked" her out of pesos for 3 $.10 bracelets.