Saturday, January 13, 2007


Good afternoon – when I got back to the hotel last night after the market and the Mall of Asia I was beat and practically went right to bed…that was 530 in the afternoon and I’m up at 230am….it’s now 420 am and I wonder what the heck I’m doing?? My sleep will be so messed up!! Oh well!! My plan is to have breakfast at 6am – then maybe (just maybe) sneak a nap for a couple of hours then go on the city tour at 1pm. I will need to stay up Sunday night but I’m ok with that – I actually got some pics developed and so I might do some sketching……I don’t have paper (travis thinks I can just “go buy some scrapbook stuff and then scrapbook”…ummm? I don’t see Nick’s store around here?? What would I cut with?? So do I go and buy all new adhesive/cutters/etc? Now that sounds like a plan but I don’t think work would go for my luggage tripling!!

BTW - Does someone know or can you find out just how bad this coffeemate is for me? I’m develping a likening for it…and don’t’ worry if I like it I’m sure it’s terrible for me!!

I have to say a HUGE thank you to my scrapbooking Friends! If you check out the link to the right that says “PrittyKitty” you will find that my good good friends had a crop (non scrapbookers that means they all got together to scrapbook) on Friday night. Anita moved to Victoria and I am in Manila – and they didn’t forget us – they had “Dora” dolls that they used as our placeholders (for lack of a better word) and then they sent us messages! I absolutely was touched by this gesture – I have to tell ya – I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I was laughing – it was so nice to “feel the love” from them and to know that we truly are missed – you know you can think your friends miss you and know that they miss you – but when you FEEL that they miss you – that my friends is TRUE friendship!! Thank you so much!!

Ok enough of that mushy stuff!! As promised I have some pics for you today. These are from the Office and are more of a true picture of the Phillipines in my opinion (although how would I know – I’m a mall rat!!)
You will notice in one of the pictures there is a bunch of men all lined up – that is them all doing morning exercises – that is probably the thing I’ve noticed most about work – the feeling of “family”. It’s hard to explain.

As you can see this is a far cry from the hotel pictures ---- everything where I have lived, shopped and worked to this point have been extremely clean – and I mean EXTREMELY clean. It’s kind of like the hotels and malls (and there are lots of malls) are kept separately from everything else. Even the market we went to – it was a bit run down but clean.

In response to some of the questions I’ve had –
In regards to the side of the hotel that I had taken a picture of - I think it must have been a satellite attached to the side – I really don’t think it was a jumper (I didn’t here or see the splat!)

Everything is really clean as I mentioned above – however it’s not all like that (ie: when we are driving home from work – it’s quite an eye opener!

Okay, so have you discovered any odd cultural things? They are very religious here – that is definitely different. I also noticed after buying items in the market – they take the money you have given them and tap it on the other items for sale – this is for good luck. The whole thing about basically eating the whole damn chicken is pretty crazy for me – Balot – freaks me out – and I just recently noticed a restaurant downstairs has a picture of a cooked duck on it – and it’s an ENTIRE duck…the whole thing…neck, head….so that really really is different for me!

To those of you who have just started reading hope you are enjoying it! You can leave comments by clicking Post a comment below – can you tell I LOVE getting comments??!!

Wes you said: “your eating the type of food I would eat! Maybe we will like the same food by the time you come home”” – can you expand on that? I thought we did like the same food? Are you saying that you would like fish with head on? Hehehehe!!

Well I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!! Have a good night!! Sue!


prittykitty said...

First of all, we had a blast at the crop...but near as much fun if you and Neet had been here.

Second, the "person" leaning out from your hotel roof was the crane that had a window washing platform suspended from it. Alrighty then.

And third, your hotel is obviously in the area of town that caters to Western business. Aren't you glad you're staying there and not somewhere else?

"The real" MarthaSue said...

yuppers ! that is a for sure!!

taycreekcropper said...

Hey Sue! We did have a blast last night, especially "thinking" it all up.....Princess worked the hardest eh? Gosh her message was even "translated" for you....

The pictures and info is awesome, I'm loving it, a real eye opener and educating us the "rest of the world" LOL

Keep em' comin'

Dee said...

I too had a great time last night at the crop - with the surprise birthday pie and all - those buggers! We really do miss you but it was so fun taking the pics and posting them for you.

Love your blog - I enjoy seeing what you see and hearing about all your adventures. Keep it coming Sue. Glad you could "feel the love"!

Kimmartha said...

I think you should give up your day job and become a travel journalist! Great pics and documentaries. It's amazing how one place can have such extremes - you are very lucky to be in the "clean" side of town! My SIL works for UPS - I could find out the shipping costs from Manila for your purchases, then I could keep them all safe and sound at my house until you return home - hehe!!!

Enjoy yourself and keep posting for us!


CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Jay and I think, all you need to pack for these business trips is a little table tote like we have. Then just buy the supplies there. That would work and you wouldn't get withdrawal symptoms!

I also nominate Jay to research the Coffeemate content - I was VERY suprised she didn't ??? Wassup, with that?

PFFFT - forget about Neeta & You! Don't think so you BeBots! Told you I was going to start using it!

I think you would be on your way to the tour right long as you didn't over nap - we all know how much Sue loves her sleep.

Smiles, Nick

prittykitty said...

SORRY! Falling down on the job!

Here are the ingredients:
Corn syrup solids- (hope you don't add too much sugar on top of this)

partially hydrogenated soybean and/or canola oils-(chemically modified ordinary oils to extend the shelf life, contain the trans fatty acids that are associated with heart and coronary disease)

sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)

dipotassium phosphate- (boost flavour)

silicon dioxide-(as far as I can tell it makes the product powdery. But it's also used in tires, conductive material, computers, etc...)

mono and diglycerides-(fats)

lecithin- (emulsifier ... helps blend unblendable products together. And it's actually good for you. Imagine! It prevents cell oxidation/death.)

artificial flavors and colours-(which we eat in ALL mass produced foods)