Friday, January 05, 2007

posted at 830pm

Wes it was so nice to see a post from you – I know its hard for you and I also know that not too many men could or would do it!

I do realize how lucky I am!!

So T&K the burning question -what special treat do you want me to bring home for you?

Sitting in the Hong Kong Airport at Gate 62–on my right is water (not sure what water) and on my left a large mountain.
I wanted coffee badly so I found some…..Let’s just say I’m not in Canada anymore am I? I paid $7.00 US for a can of Diet Coke (called Coca Cola Light) and a cup of coffee – coffee was as black as black could be –I compare it to day old coffee that’s been sitting in the pot! I don’t think I can even drink it!!

It’s now 330 in the pm here and 330am there, in ½ hour I will be up for 24 hours – no tears yet---that’s pretty good for me!! I’ve taken pics of the departure gate, and sign as well as a blurry pic of the above mentioned mountain
I took a pic of the “light” Coca Cola….Tr is getting worried now – he’s never gone anywhere with a scrapbooker before.

As an aside, I couldn’t get online in Toronto - -guess why? Didn’t have the wireless button pressed!! Duh!!

Travis warns me that the drive to the hotel is going to be interesting for me…..We shall see…..ttyl
Friday 830pm
OMG so I made it to the hotel – I was quite surprised….there were so many people, so many vehicles (and when I say vehicles I use the term loosely!) everyone GOING at the same time it was a mad house – and what we would consider a 2 lane road – is a FOUR lane here…everyone crossing over and honking…HOLY CRAP! I don’t hink ppl really rent vehicles here – how the hell could they??

Anyhow-we made it safe and sound in a new-ish car – I think it was a Toyota – but you know what it could have been just about anything!

I’m exhausted – as much as I’m not a morning person – I’m also not a stay up 28 hour person – and that is the number I’m counting…I’m waiting for my family to come online and talk to me for a second so that I can go to bed!!! Come Family…..

Going out tomorrow will take pics and post them!



Kimmartha said...

So good to hear from you! I'm glad you made it safe and sound - despite the "extravagant" travelling accomodations, food and inexpensive beverages!!! Enjoy your trip, keep taking lots of pictures!


taycreekcropper said...

Light Coca Cola - hmmm sounds pricey......I would definitely miss my Tims unless there was a Dunkin' Donuts - LOL

Take Care

prittykitty said...

Have a good rest! Take it all in. Make sure you get a photo of the traffic! It'll be like watching Amazing Race!

Nicks Yacks said...

This is awesome! I'm so glad your blogging - I'm actually feeling like we are there.

Had to laugh at the nonscrapper lad and you taking pics.

Where the signs in English also? Or only in Hong Kongish?

Going to read your other post!