Friday, January 05, 2007

The following is a compilation of blog updates from 545am Jan 4 to now - -which I think is 300am Jan 5 (well the time below)

January 4, 2007

Fredericton to Toronto Flight – rather uneventful – I forgot how nice it was to have someone to talk to during the flight (not sure that Travis would say the same thing!)—the last few times I

We landed and were STARVING so I grabbed a Tim’s coffee (last one for a while) and a bagel (bring on the herb and garlic cream cheese – Wes isn’t with me so no worries at all there!

It was so hard to say good bye this morning….you just want to hold on til the last minute – look at their faces and burn them into your memory (ok I’m not going for THAT long).

No internet connection in the Toronto airport sucks! No way to email or “MSN” home.

Other than the Chinese lady tapping her head and doing Pilates type exercises in the airport – its all good!!

Wishing I had that MP3 player now…..oh well…Will have to do without—I do have a CD and the laptop so all is good!

January 4, 2007

Toronto to Manila flight – it’s 330 pm in Fredericton, I’m somewhere over somewhere! It’s been almost 7.5 hours away from home, that’s 1/3 of the way there.

The seats on this plane are 2x4x2 and Travis and I are sitting in the 2 in the very middle….so we each have someone on either side of us – have you met Travis and I ? We’re not little ppl – (Travis is tall) these seats are probably the worse that we could have! Oh well only 12 more hours right? Holy Crap-ola! The lady on my side is very nice – her name is Ann and she’s from Montreal – going to Phillipines to visit her daughter for the winter!

It sure is cramped here! I have watched Talledega Nights – it was good – Wes I recommend you renting that one – I think you would like it!!
January 4, 2007 924pm in new Brunswick – so I’ve been traveling for almost 16 hours now – that is 12 hours on this one plane – only 4 to go.
Watched another movie – Barnyard – its cute – Girls you should get daddy to rent it!
I played about 15 games of solitaire, completed 2 soduku puzzles, one word search, read CK for February (bought at the airport) and I think I even slept for a few minutes in there – Had Dim Sum for a snack – tell me ---what the heck is Dim Sum?! – I think I may just lose a few pounds over here – Ive been given chop sticks twice now – yeesh – where’s the fork??!! (I think that might be “the secret” – I will let you know how I make out!! We are traveling over the Arctic to get to Phillipines – I think we just went over Iqualit.


Landed in Hong Kong - guess what? In Hong Kong they don't talk Canadian or American...I almost told the little Hong Knog boy to shove his water up his 14.00 a bottle.....

"OHH mah' you wah Ueh dollah?? Tha' two dollah!"
TRANSLATION: "oH ma'am - you want US Dollars - that's Two dollars!"

got to run...T needs to use laptop (wifi you know) will talk soon.


taycreekcropper said...

OMG Sue, I'm so glad you made it there, chop sticks - I would lose weight too......take care, we're thinkin' of ya, love to see the pictures and get the updates of you.....can't wait til your home with us......

Nicks Yacks said...

Holy Shit - hope they are giving you a HUGE EXPENSE account! 14.00 a bottle of water and 7 bucks for pop and coffee! GOOD LORD!

I'm loving this Big adventure across the World with You!

I'm not sure what that stuff was you ate. Did you read Jays post about the Penis's be careful over Sue - please be careful LOL!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

sorry I should have been clearer - -

it was 14.00 HONG KONG dollars...2.00 for US dollars
(note the interpretation now appearing on the page)