Sunday, January 28, 2007

Villa Escuardo Part Dalawa

Ok so this part of the villa was the COOLEST!!

They have tables and a buffet directly in the water - -"under" the waterfalls - it was very neat (and no I didn't fall in!!)

Lunch! (note the banana leaves - the "packet" is Rice wrapped in a Banana Leaf

from l-r: Irene, Mafi, Travis, Kapila and Me!


prittykitty said...

That's a really nice pic of all of you Sue! Definitely a keeper for scrapbooking.

Think you can bring some banana leaves home? I have lots of recipes that call for them.

taycreekcropper said...

the waterfall OMG, its beautiful.

Hey Sue, Travis who is with you, his child goes to mine and Princess' daycare too....the owner and I was talking and she said something about one of the parents travelling alot and he is in the Philipines and I said "OMG, does he work for.....", she said "yes", I said is his name Travis, she said yes.....well I flipped and said "OMG, he's there with my friend sue and she's been sending us Pics and updates on her blog", she said "blog?" I said nevermind, but ins't that cool?

Does that all make sense? Sue you know how I talk when I get excited...LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice picture of all you, that waterfall is breathtaking!

b.c. Gurl said...

WOW!!! beeaaauutiful! I've never seen anything like that before! I bet the pictures don't do it a bit of justice - just the sound alone must be amazing! wow

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Sweet Mother of God! Look at that waterfall!