Monday, January 29, 2007

Villa Escuardo Part Tatlo

On the last post there was areference to the wagon hauled by Carabou - and that there were singers singing as the animal took us to our destination. It was very "relaxing" - when we got on this one - Travis went to the back seat which was empty when we boarded as soon as we were all on the singers come running over (we were actually moving when they boarded - anyhow - don't you think T looks comfortable back there??LOL

The other activity at this place was a cultural show - showcasing dance, music as well as dress. It was quite beautiful - some of the outfits really detailed. We had fun. BTW - not sure if those men had anything on under their skirts - hehehehe

This was part of a wedding "dance"

and of course the Bride....

More dancers.....

Most of the people that were there doing another dance. See those birds made from leaves - I got one!! Not sure if it will make it home or not! Hope so!

Below is a dance that includes balancing a Glass votive with candle on your head - How scary is that?? The girls that were with us said that they all had to learn this dance when they were kids in school. Can you imagine?? That would NOT happen at home!! (she also said LOTs of broken glasses while they were learning!!!

The "band"

Last but not least....a cock fight (not with those blade things) but a cock fight none the freaked me out actually -

So shortly after this we left and were driving back to the hotel and there was MEGA traffic. So we were like what's going on? Then we see that there has been a cock fight and its now over and ppl are going home. So I see this guy with a bag and a dead rooster in it (think - blood - feathers-etc) Ok so I'm like - eww - now that just seems like taking the "losing bird" home would be bad luck. They all are like - "NOO the winner TAKES the losing bird home!!" and it sounded like it was to eat!! eek!!

We had a great time anyhow - it was a long day (we stayed up "all day" so were beat by the end of it!)


prittykitty said...

Well, that was a sad note to end on. Cock fights, huh? Lovely.

The dancing looks like it was beautiful. And yeah ... how many parents would scream bloody murder if that candle dance was being taught in school?

The birds are the cutest!You should see if you can someone to teach you how to make them.

Also ... we were saying on Saturday that we haven't had any more installements of "Filipino" lately. What's up with that?

taycreekcropper said...

love the brides dress, very white huh?

Tina said...

Beautiful dancers! I can't imagine balancing a votive with a burning candle on my head, then trying to dance with it on there!! LOL

b.c. Gurl said...

they're gorgeous! it's so neat to see such real culture :) glass votive dancing vs square dancing...hmmmmmmm can you imagine?! I'd have a hard enough time just doing the dancing without balancing a candle on top of my head!

Wes said...

please don't even think about teaching the girls that

"The real" MarthaSue said...

lol---can't you see me trying??!!

Anonymous said...



CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

We should do a picture swap for Scrapbooking! I would love to scrap some of these photos! They are awesome!!

Oh yeah, 2nd Jay - you only have a couple more days to get that translation done :)