Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snowy Icy Days....

Hi all

Since i'm now back in Canada and have sufficiently got myself back to the partially frozen state I thought I would share with my Phillipino friends some scenes from NB. (see my class below!)

Below are some ice sculptures from Winterfest NB - which is basically a winter "carnival" if you can call it that....the kids can go on dog sled rides.... there are a couple of Mazes (made from snow) there are also ice slides (big slides-that you slide down on your bottom)'s pretty fun - if it's not too cold - every year we have gone - it's been bitter cold!

Also here are some pics of my girl (K) in our front yard, as you can see she's trying to swing on the swingset - but obviously the snow is above the swing seats so she's not having much luck!

Also with her is our cat - yes our cat is on a leash! (Don't worry that's weird for our standards too ...LOL)

Another pic of my driveway - it needs to be plowed more - our blue car was stuck and so the snowplow driver couldn't go any further!!

This is standing on my back deck - overlooking the pool - doesn't really seem "swimmable" does it? You can see me off in the distance - K and I shoveled the roof of the playhouse off - so she could slide down it!! (I tried it once - it was fun...but note I tried it only once!)

Ahhh wonder how warm it is in the Phillipines?? Temp as I type this is -12 degrees in Fredericton and +29 degrees in Manila - ouch!
Have a great day!

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