Thursday, March 08, 2007

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posted on facebook - i thought it was going to cross over here...sorry guys

well 2007 has me not in my home province more than 3 weeks so far this year!I miss my girls - I miss my husband - I miss my family - I miss my friends.I don't have any pics to upload - I don't have a laptop yet to bring "home" - however will soon - they keep "re doing stuff!" on it s after that I should be good to go (I'm using Cathy's laptop to write this!)so I arrived here on Monday after meeting Ola in the airport in Fredericton and we came through to Vancouver on the same flights - - upon arrival we had a bite to eat and then came to our "places"WOW our apartment (YAHOO MY ROOMMATE IS CATHY!!--An awesome roommate - even if she is in the masterbedroom . lol) is great - I was telling Wes that the apartment is so "us" - he thought I meant - me and Cathy but I meant me and Wes and the girls- honestly this apartment could have been decorated for me specifically - -gotta tell you theres lots of Ikea~I cannot wait to go shpping at Ikea - Wes is thankful I haven't been there yet!! LOLI know that some of my friends in Manila have been waiting patiently for this post -sorry I'm getting so slack - and this weekend I promise some pics!Nick T - Wes tells me your number is on caller id - sorry i missed you - hope you are feeling better :<)

Sarah/Jay/Mel - thank you guys so much for coming to see me on Sat night - I feel so blessed to have such super friends like you!! Thank you thank you thank you - fed my soul!

Wes - kudos to you for all of your love and support - hopefully someday I will be able to fulfill your wishes (from your email today ;<) nothing I'd like more!well work is going well - learning mucho mucho new stuff - its really challenging - a bit overwhelming - but I love it love it love it! And it makes it so much easier when my roommate is so awesome - we are so "familiar" - and our Apartment is so beautiful!! I will talk to you tomorrow from Beautiful +12 degrees!

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