Thursday, April 05, 2007

An Easter Surprise!!

Hi all,

as you know I've been in Vancouver since March 5- it's now April 4th and I'm missing home like CRaZy - my friends, my scrapbooking (although I did bring some with me) and my family. Mostly my honey and my girls.

So about 3 weeks ago Wes and I 'cooked' up a scheme that instead of me coming home on Mar 23 then this weekend (cause it is T's 13th birthday and I COULDN'T miss it) we would fly the girls and him out here for the long weekend.

now this is all well and good but I need to give you a bit of background on my DH - he's wonderful - fantastic and puts up with me - I've been away from home so far something like 10 weeks of this year and 13 have gone by - i went away to Vancouver last fall - went to Kelowna and Vancouver the year before that --- he really keeps his end of the bargain BIG TIME!!

so having said that Wes *LOVES* his girls - and most kids - he just doesn't cope well with "silly" girl stuff - doesn't know how we 'work' that way - sooo we felt it would be better (and fun-ner) not to tell the girls until the day they leave!!

So the plan was to tell the girls we were going to 'Crystal Palace' on April 4 after picking me up at the airport and we would take a rental car to Moncton - (this would explain why my dad had to come with them to the airport) - so the original plan was to tell them at the airport.

Then we decided to tell them earlier so that they would have time to 'get ready' and re-arrange as necessary!

so we decided to use the webcam (so that I could see their reactions) - and i would call at 330 - well that got pushed up to 200 (I was ready to tell them at 1200)
Anyhow - i signed on - and got them set up - so we zoom in and I ask how their day is going etc etc

they are excited for crystal palace they tell me.

I say "OH - well guys I have some bad news"

"we can't go"

The girls are not saying anything...just looking at me..or the pc rather.

I say "I'm not coming home either..."

No response....a "oh" in the background....nothing....

so I say " How would you like to have supper in Toronto? ............what about coming to Vancouver...??"

Tara's like...oh....OK

Kay's like....huh?

I'm like....You ungrateful children...LOL

I think they couldn't "fathom it" and couldn't quite believe it.

Kay did ask when we were coming home...I told them...Monday

She says "AWWW we're going to miss Nan's for breakfast ......" (a long time tradition where my mom and dad make breakfast for everyone 7.5 dozen eggs etc etc..)

I ask Tara if she is sad? she says -"I was looking forward to a pool" I say well there is a pool in my building...she's like "OK! I'm excited now!" (in the 13 year old voice)

hmmm... not the reaction I was expecting!!

Wes called though and said when he pulled in the driveway Tara said they were dancing and singing they were excited!!

I expect a call any minute from them that they are on their way here (in a Taxi) so i better spell check and will be a fun(and tiring) next 4 days!! Now if I could get my girls to come out....(friends that is)


Kimmartha said...

They must have been shell-shocked!! You will all have SO much fun this weekend. I was K's French teacher all week and it was SOOOOO hard not to say anything to her!!!

taycreekcropper said...

Awwww, Sue I'm with you, I would have felt the sunken heart syndrome too......They will always throw you for a loop eh? The buggers.....

Once they board the plane and finally get to see you, it will all be figured out for them.....its so cool what you guys did and its a chance of a lifetime for them to do this......

Have fun! Happy Easter

prittykitty said...

They will have a blast while they are there ... and of course, they will be so happy to see you. I'm sure all will go well. Have a great weekend!

P.S. I did try to convince Nick to come to BC with me .. but she wouldn't bite. Apparently it 's much more important for T to got to SK ... LOL!

b.c. Gurl said...

kids are definitely funny sometimes.
so glad they are there! :) should be a great weekend! have fun - hope we get some nice weather for it!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

It was the shock of it all....I know for sure. I'm sure there will lots of excitement on the plane! Plus, the excitement of them seeing you.

I would love to go out. But, like Jay said - trying to get Mom and T out to Sask. Then I am starting my money jar for a New York Bus Trip.

Been thinking of you guys and have a GREAT EASTER!!!! Make sure to post when the leave!

taycreekcropper said...

snicker, Nick, if your going on a bus trip to New York you realize your going to have to go by yourself on that bus - expensive trip my dear.....