Monday, April 09, 2007

Valiant in Vancouver.....

Oh I'm such a drama queen!!

It's 'some' hard having them all go off and leave me yesterday morning!

So let's focus on the good times we had....

we went to the Vancouver Aquarium! Loads of Fun!

Went to Red Robin for T's birthday (where they made her get on a chair and sang HB to her - it was fun)

we went to Science World - very very interesting -- some cool stuff there!

The girls went swimming everyday! (this made them tremendously happy)

went to the Imax theatre at Canada Place (you know the building with the sails).

and we walk, walk, walked! The girls were 'tuckered' out at the end of each day (so were the parents) and on the last day we stuck around 'home' to relax..

i've got a few little stories in and around these places - will post to get to work....

oh and btw - the girls were extremely excited and needed the 'news' to sink in a bit - for to you soon


b.c. Gurl said...

Awesome Sue!! can't wait to hear the stories - fun fun fun!

Anonymous said...

what movie did you see? I saw Polar Express when I was there.

Anonymous said...

miss u susan!!! mwaaaaaaaaahhhhzzz!!