Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things that make me smile....

-Hand cream - cool moisture Lotion
-Pants that say that they are a size 14 (please note that this quite probably not the true size - but who the hell cares?? its SAYS 14)
-blueberries...IN blueberry season
-strawberries...IN strawberry season
-sleeping in on a workday
-my mp3 player
-knowing i drank 3 litres of water at the end of the day.
-going to nicks store and getting tons of page kits done

figured i needed to cheer up today at work..thought i'd give this a try...hahaha

have a good one


Hollee said...

Oooo - I think all of those things could take me to MY happy place too :)

The Queen said...

so you need to challenge us now girl, whats it going to be?