Monday, April 21, 2008

what the future holds and my physical feature i like....

ahh what the future holds...

-work (I guess that's a good thing)
-a new baby boy...ok so it's a dog...but a girl can dream...
-a new house??
-getting this house ready to sell (a HUGE ugh)
-20 lbs down the drain (I mean i am going to lose 20
-cheerleading competition
-scrapbooking ! scrapbooking ! scrapbooking !
-grass on my front lawn!

the physical feature i like.....

-my hair--- 1/2 the time.



gypsybug said...

man you are on fire....three post right in a row! Sounds like you have a lot of GREAT things going on.

Congrats on the new pant size!

The Queen said...

good post! You are smokin' hot girlfriend!