Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here Gator Gator.....

So I got up at 415am this morning - and headed off to Moncton to go to Tampa (longish story about why Moncton) anyhow - got a great surprise when I went to get on the Toronto to Tampa - they upgraded me to executive class.....what does that mean?

Free Food - and it wasn't bad:)
Glass Glasses
Forks/Knives Metal ones :)
Big Seats
Nuts (hahaha)

One bathroom for 12 ppl or something foolish like that :)

I arrived in Tampa around 1240 - and it's warm here..sunny at this point...haha I know I know it's Florida - what did I expect??

As we were driving along the 'bridge'/'causeway' thingy i look out and sort of see a 'fish' type thing in the water....but it's gone (caught it out of the corner of my eye) - i turn my head and look...there is a DOLPHIN swimming in the water...a freakin Dolphin :) in the wild was very cool...No pics - I saw and we were gone before i could get the camera out.

So i get to my hotel...I'm STARVING....there is a 'wildlife reserve' around the hotel...lots of bridges and pathways's kind of like a pond....with 'walking' type bridge/trails...anyhow - I walk to the grocery store cutting through these paths..- as I'm going I'm thinking - wow it's kinda 'marshy' looking here....wonder if there are gators?? - Nah..I mean they would warn someone right?? I get my groceries - start coming back...its clouding quickly and i can hear the thunder coming....

I'm truckin' er along....come to the start of the path...i look up....there is a sign..and darn it I wish I could post it....

Basically it says:

Wildlife Reserve
Watch for Alligators and Snakes...


My words: "NO WAY!"
(actually it was OH F*ck!)

Anyhow - checked with the front desk - (I'm thinking's a joke right??) Yup there are 3 gators around.....and snakes...lovely..I could have been EATIN'...

Anyhow - I go back to my room get eats and then decide if there's a gator I'm gonna find it....can we say PhotoOP???

So I grab my cell (to call Wes if I get eaten - cause he can save me)...I wander around...see turtles...big gators...

I kind of give up...then decide I'll walk 'all the way around' the pond thing....I get going around....all of a sudden I see it....a freakin' Gator! Out in the wild!! (don't worry I was far enough away that it couldn't get me) So that was pretty exciting...... I took lots of pics...

OH FLORIDA has mosquitoes...and lots of them - I didn't bring bug spray :(

anyhow - didn't do much else - wasn't feeling great today - taking it easy - really had wanted to go to a sbook store but didn't rent a car - Taxi guy told me it would be around 50 bucks each way....I'm thinking not!

I will blog again - unfortunately I'm sure it's not going to be quite as exciting as today UNLESS I see an


So it


prittykitty said...

Holy Crap! Only you Sue!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Okay...that was a Sue Funny all the way! I can see you doing that, the vision I had kept me giggling all the way!

Lucky Girl in Tampa eh :)

jennypooh624 said...

ok um....wheres the pics? I want proof...hehe

The Queen said...

LMAO...too funny, only you Suzie, only you!