Monday, June 16, 2008

MIA - Not missing in Asia this time...

Haha - I'm missing in my home town of Fredericton :)

Yes I've not been around - Nope that doesn't make me very happy :(

I've been working like crazy - and I mean crazy - I've pulled 5 or 6 all nighters - working until 10 or 11 each night - but alas last Friday we said...ENOUGH!

I closed my laptop (cursed cursed laptops) and just openned it this morning - this may be 'normal' for some - not me - i've worked every weekend for God knows how long----Not looking for a pity party - everyone makes their own choices - just letting you know what I'm doin'!

Anyhow - had a great Mothers Day - Eljoda - the puppy arrived safe and sound and I've had my fair share of piss and shit thank you very much :) Ahh well he's coming!
Girls Birthdays were good - Cheerleading that was FUN!!
Tara went on the Grade 8 Quebec City Trip last week - she had so much fun too!
Wes had a great Father's Day - well I hope he
I'm still down 49 lbs....which is pissing me off - come on 50 COME ON...although I've been eating horribly - something to do with my work life I would say:)

Getting a housecleaner starting on Friday -that's BIG news! woot Woot! I hope to never scrub a floor again! (Or clean a toilet for that matter)

On Sunday (22) I leave for Tampa - for work - I checked out the scrapbook stores open on Sunday ...and had NO luck :( Ahh well - I'll be back on the 27th - at night.

As far as I know the girls are both going to pass this year --for this I am grateful!

My brother in Alberta is coming home July 6 - with his wife and daughter - for 3 weeks - (I wanted to do something 'kind' with my aeroplan miles - so i offered them to my mom and dad to go and see him - they declined and wanted him to come here - so that's what's happening :) It should be fun - and tiring.....

I need to get together to scrap - I'm having withdrawls and this is NOT good. I feel like planning something - Anyone up for it within the next two weeks?

Well that's me in a nutshell......sorry i've been gone - it really sucks!

(PS - Jay I got Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella - if you want it next?)
(PSS - Jay - you love puppies right?? I'll bring back your Something Blue too - )
(PSSS - Not sure if Sarah Reads this - I still have your Plain Truth (puppies dont matter to you lol)
(PSSSS - Nick I read your book - cna't think of the name - Danielle Steele - Oh yeah Sisters - thanks and I'll need to be bringing that to you)
(PSSSSS - I have another book to lend - I cannot remember the name so this is VERY helpful - darn it - by Jennifer Cruisie??? ahh well I'll think about it:)


Dee said...

Hi Sue - sounds like a crazy life girl. I would love to get together sometime soon to scrap with all the girls. I am missing everyone and have lots to scrap.

The Queen said...

me too, me too, I still have your SB from when we hooked up before!

Puppy sounds like fun? Not! LOL

Would love to hook up with you.....

The Original Princess said...

PS - yes I read this :) and I love love puppies but just don't want any of my own. In fact, I'll even admit that I love puppy breath. Weird but true. I'm glad you're still alive and kicking.

prittykitty said...

Do I love puppies? OK. What did your puppy do to my book?