Monday, August 17, 2009

Challenge #2....posting a bit earlier....

Today’s challenge is to identify three things you are grateful for (or more, if you choose).

I am extremely thankful for the support and care of my husband. Never have I known someone whose true and honest goal is to make sure I am taken care of. This is a person who puts everyone else before him. He is compassionate, understanding accepting, loving, and kind. He has made me a better person and for that, I love him dearly
(note that these words were inspired from someone else's 'grateful list' they were modified to be meaningful for my life but fit my feelings perfectly.

I am grateful for my children - they amaze me daily! (one way or another!)

I am grateful for my parents - they teach me daily - things that i knew all along but just now am realizing that they actually had 'morals'

I am grateful for my inlaws - I respect them and love them to pieces....

I am grateful for my friends...they always know when i need them - when to step forward adn when to step back and they also knwo that although i'm kind of distant that they are always in my thoughts.....

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