Thursday, August 20, 2009

Challenge #3...&4

Today’s Challenge is to contact someone you haven’t spoken to in at least six months. If you need an idea of who to contact, think back to your list from Challenge #2 and see if anyone you’re grateful for would fit this challenge.
---K so i didnt really do this the 'right' way but was speaking to a girl i hadnt talked to since high school - good catchign up with her!! Yep i did it on the right day too :)

#4 is:Tell someone about a cause you believe in and/or support to help raise that person’s awareness. Please feel free to post a link to that cause’s website, or just post an update, to spread the awareness even further! must be in the stars folks.....handed out a few flyers and picked up a prize for the crop - a cause I beleive in ...helping my friends in need!

on a roll folks...

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