Tuesday, September 08, 2009

hmmm enough of that positive stuff....

well i didnt make the 30 day challenge...... interesting...... i might get it goign again - ya think?

not a new post - something i posted on skrap n chat...but want it here to remember these times:

my youngest went back today (grade 7)....and my other daughter is at a friends house..... I decided to take last week off (a very quick decision...IE i was at work on Monday - went to the scrapbook store at noon...and decided to take teh rest of the week off)..I hadn't taken a vacation all summer and was feeling mommy guilt for not being home with the kids..... as well as burnt out about work.... already had this week off (again more mommy guilt as the girls are back to school this week and how mean is that???) Anyhow - packed up last monday night, left last Tuesday morning for 'town' - did school supply/clothes shopping.... belly button ring piercing (yeah yeah I know) ... then to the lake for the rest of the week...even packed my scrap stuff..... I spent the days (Wed/Thurs) shopping etc with the girls.... Friday at the beach all day..... and the nights i spent scrapping.....listening to my girls (12/15) being silly and laughing and talking up in the bed we shared (the 3 of us - for warmth mainly but for 'fun' too)...it was wonderful wonderful wonderful... we dont get those moments very often (usually it's all out warfare).... Hubby came down Friday night (he spent his nights cleaning the house- OH YES!) ... Saturday we drove to St. Andrews, (stopping in Blacks harbour and St. George as well)....we all agreed it was SO fun...(in fact on the way home DD (12) exclaimed....WHAT A FUN DAY!!! ) Sunday we went to oromocto on a hunt for a book bag (sheesh i gotta leave something til the 'last shopping day' - I dont recommend it - i suspect i'll be buying another one later this week)... then boating for the remainder of teh afternoon/evening...all topped off with a fire and corn on the cob...what a great weekend!! Monday we came home...I cleaned what he didn't (open the closet door friend??) and got the girls ready for school..... now it's me time...guilt free me time.... ahhhh

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