Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well if you've been wondering about how i'm doing at work here's the answer....

I'm doing fine...No i'm not losing my job - thankfully i have another position to go to - there are lots of great ppl that do not though :(

About this position - it's based out of the US - and yes i have to travel there - I'm leaving September 14 and will return the first week of October - (I dont have exact dates at this point as I have to book my flights today) - Another challenge for Wes and the girls - for sure - they are 'on board' and know it's something I have to do - for the family and for me - it's darn better than not having a job at all i must say :)

anyhow - if you were wondering that's what's goin' on - MIA Sue again ..... or MIUSA!! haha

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